Uncle Goose Heirloom Blocks & Giveaway Fun!

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We are pleased to have Uncle Goose as our sponsor today! 
Hand-manufactured, non-toxic, non-plastic toys these days are a bit hard to come by.  That is why I am thrilled Uncle Goose is committed to making classic heirloom blocks for littles (and bigs ;).  My little one is quite fond of buggies right now, so we had to try out Uncle Goose's bug blocks and they are summer perfect!  Bright, beautiful colors and art these are the toys that are played with everyday.  One toy that is used for learning about bugs, counting, abcs, colors, stacking, creativity and imagination.  
Uncle Goose blocks may just be the perfect toy.

Love the font, colors, art and feel of the Uncle Goose blocks!

I know.  It's a wasp.  However,  little one says it is a  "BEEEEEEEE!" - 
So now it is a bee.

Showing me each and every buggie. Every single one.

Oh gracious these are gorgeous and FUN!

We labor over our products with the work ethic and artistry of midwestern elves from the 1800’s. Other than Santa, very few people you know personally still hand manufacture wood toys. We seem to be pressing against an invisible boundary that lies between what is possible and what is practical. - Uncle Goose

Check out all of the options in Uncle Goose Heirloom Blocks and leave a comment on which is your favorite!! 

These are the upper/lowercase blocks and if you have been a reader of little island studios long - you will know I LOVE bright, happy and fun colors!  These blocks are perfect!

Check out our recipe for Eggie Wraps - Uncle Goose blocks also look fabulous in pictures!

Uncle Goose is giving away a set of  languages, classic abc, or bug blocks -
 the winner gets to pick! 

My Notes:

These come in a lovely package.  My little one was so excited to get them out...I didn't get a pretty picture for you! 

YES, I absolutely  highly recommend for gifts - or of course, your own kids! 

Product was provided for review purposes, no other compensation was received.  Opinions are my own.