What A Dad Really Wants For Father's Day!

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This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share my lovely's favorites!

Happy Father's Day!  Well, almost.  I have never understood the whole "get a tie" for Father's Day.  I  really cannot think of anything less boring to buy your lovely husband!  So, I wanted to give you some ideas on what my lovely likes / wants. 

Spending the day outside hiking is a huge gift to some dads! 

What are your husband's interests?  Would he like to go golfing with the kids?
Would he like to relax at the pool or grill something new?  

Sometimes splurging on seafood, grass-fed organic buffalo steaks or something that you normally do not buy can be such a treat!
A day at the beach.  No projects to get accomplished on the house or car.  
Just fun outside.

Still want to buy something tangible?  
How about a favorite or new Blu-Ray/DVD of a movie he likes?  

I was, in no way kidding when I said my husband wanted this for Father's Day (or any other time I am buying gifts for him) - The New Primal grass-fed beef jerky!  Absolutely foodie bliss!  And to be quite honest, he does not want the dried fruit packages (although, they are splendid!).  He wants the packages of beef jerky only!

My family went through a terrible time a couple of years ago, one that I do not talk about often, but, one that makes me love family days together, unplugged and focused in!  
(it is also what makes me so very passionate about food and what you are eating!!)

Enjoy Father's Day together and have FUN!  Because fun is good ;)

Happy Daddy Day!

This is not a sponsored post.  I had previously been sent some New Primal for a project.  So happy, otherwise I would not have known about it!