Graham & Raw Honey Ice Cream Sandwiches!

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Making homemade ice cream sandwiches for Friday movie night or for an afternoon summer picnic is always fun!  
Do not forget to have the kids help with this super easy ice cream sandwich recipe!

We use Annie's Bunny Grahams, Stonyfield Organic Ice Cream or Stonyfield's Organic Frozen Yogurt, Organic Raw Honey (ours is from Trader Joes)  you can use pure maple syrup, but we like raw honey for health (and tasty) reasons!

Whizz two cups of graham cookies in the blender.  
Pour in bowl.  Start with two heaping tablespoons of raw organic honey and mix thoroughly.
Add a bit more honey as needed.  You want it firm and not super gooey and falling apart.

Add about two tablespoons to the bottom of the mold.  Top with ice cream leaving room for the top layer of graham crust.  Place top on and place in freeze for at least two hours.
The heart mold on this a bit too full - make sure you leave room.  No matter though, absolutely delicious!

We like Tovolo ice cream sandwich holders! The shapes are super fun!

I know you are thinking the ice cream looks like it is perhaps not ready - that is purely because we the kids have zero patience for delicious ice cream sandwiches they helped make! 


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And sometimes it makes us giggle when we find naughty bunnies ;D 
(perhaps we are the only ones who thinks that is funny? )

My Notes:

We made ice cream sandwiches with both honey and maple syrup.
And Stonyfield's ice cream and frozen yogurt.
The honey was the favorite and half of us liked the frozen yogurt and the other half (really, my husband) liked the ice cream. ;)
Whatever brands you buy, please try and buy organic.  
Remember we are voting for every product we choose.

I am a Stonyfield Brand Ambassador.  However, this is not a sponsored post.  These are brands and foods I buy weekly.  


Unknown said…
Ooh, I wonder if the naughty bunnies are also in cheddar flavor. I'm going to have to check our next box.
Unknown said…
These look so good! I can't wait to try them!