Hiking With Toddlers, Teens & What To Bring!

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A couple of weeks ago I encouraged you to Take Your Kids On A Daily Nature Walk - and I want to encourage you again, to play outside and venture out for a day hike!  

Check online for your nearest National Park or hiking locations, pack your backpack and GO!  

Being outside in nature is, for me anyway, completely therapeutic!  I would rather go hiking and/or camping than go to a spa any day of the week. (and twice on Sunday)  

I want to say she is telling me something cool...or perhaps she is telling me to stop taking pictures.
I cannot seem to remember.

Go for a hike.  Leave your phone off - if you need your phone for the camera then turn the ringer completely off and check your messages and everything when you are back home (yes, this includes Instagram...just later gram it! ;)   
It can wait.  

Hiking with kids and teens helps you connect with them, 
more than most things (in my opinion).  
Even if you do not say much.
Being there together...Unplugged and focused in on the day together.

We found loads of tadpoles!

Sand between-the-fingers!

Little Toad was completely ignoring us...and none-too happy to play

What to bring on your day hike - 

Stainless steel water bottles. (plastic bottles sitting in the sun = not good)

buggie spray - we like Badger Organics or make your own 

Healthy Snacks (organic & high in protein) & fruits 

I bring wipes for hands - always tote your trash back out!

A camera 

First Aid Gel or Spray - I use Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel
( I use this for everything & recommend to every mom...for Everything!)

A bag for any sticks or cool pebbles that the kids want to treasure! (please check your park rules...sometimes you are not aloud to take ANYTHING out) just pictures 
& don't pick any of flowers (they need to re-seed for next season)

An extra outfit & diaper for little ones. (again, please tote your trash out)

A sweatshirt for everyone...weather can change fast, especially if you are in the mountains!

Before and after you get home double check you left all the ticks at the park / hiking location.  (don't freak out...doesn't happen often ;) 

Gives new meaning to the Brad Paisley song Ticks!

What do you bring and how often do you go hiking?

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