Stonyfield Organic Yogurt - As Always NON-GMO!

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This is not a sponsored post.  I am very passionate about health and food and would like moms to do what is best for their children's health.  

As always, the primary label I look for now is "No GMOs" and Verified NON-GMO.  With what is going on with our "food" system lately - In my opinion, I feel that this is the most important label you can start with.  Other countries make sure a food or product  is safe before putting it on the market.  Not so here.  We have to "prove" a food or product is dangerous way before we even consider taking it off the market.  Look at all of the chemicals, coloring and additives that are banned in other countries that are still a-okay in our country.

We have an all time high of allergies, Cancer, autism, auto-immune diseases and a myriad of illnesses that are "new" and at "all-time highs".  In my opinion I do not believe this is a coincidence.  Our eyes cannot tell the difference between a GMO tomato and a real one.  However, our bodies will NOT be fooled.  As your grand-mum did before you - Eat Real Food  - not "food-like" products.   Keep Calm, Read Labels and Eat Real Food. :)

When I shop for meat or dairy products I always ask what have the animals been eating?
If the employee or the actual package wrap cannot tell me...I shop else where or buy something else.

I am a Stonyfield Ambassador, which is to say I like their products and use them in lots of my recipes. (have I mentioned I like to bake?) (I am NOT paid to be a Stonyfield Ambassador)  I just wanted to clear up any confusion around Stonyfield and emphasize that NONE of their ingredients are genetically modified, nor do their cows consume GMO feed.  

Stonyfield is committed to producing foods without GMOs so we can offer the healthiest food possible.  In fact, the USDA Organic label prohibits the use of GMOs in organic food. 
Stonyfield posted about this topic more in depth on Stonyfield's blog today so check it out for more info: 

Whether you buy Stonyfield or not - please look for the organic and/or non-GMO labels.

And please do your own research and be knowledable when shopping for food for your children.  Their healthy future absolutely depends on it.  

The information is provided by Stonyfield.  Opinions are my own.  As I mentioned above I am a Stonyfield Ambassador.  However, I am not paid to say nice things about them - (I bought Stonyfield products way before I started writing).  


Unknown said…
Stonyfield yogurt has always been my favorite. I'm glad that they are behind the no gmo's movement.
Unknown said…
Hooray for Stonyfield! Quality products and a conscience.