The Rainforest Alliance Relaunches Frog Blog!

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The Rainforest Alliance Relaunches Frog Blog

The Rainforest Alliance has relaunched its Frog Blog with a fresh new design, featuring weekly posts to inspire and educate the public about the organization’s global efforts to conserve the world’s precious ecosystems and help communities prosper. In addition to the US version, the Frog Blog is now available in five new languages -- Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, French and Japanese -- as well as in UK and Australian editions.

The blog will continue to feature conservation news, green consumer tips, travelogues and analysis, as well as interviews with representatives of companies collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance. With improved functionality for content sharing via social media, the new design enables our supporters worldwide to help spread the message of sustainability.

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This is not a sponsored post.  I like Rainforest Alliance and we "follow the frog" in our shopping!!


Unknown said…
I like their idea of having a child consumer advocate. It's great to have a place for kids to express their passions.
Anonymous said…
Rainforest Alliance is not equal to Fair Trade certified or certified organic. I have personally worked with RA and was shocked by how unprofessional the business is. They have certified many unsustainable practices, including the use of dangerous pesticides and farms that rely on child labor. The people that they currently put in charge of evaluating farm conditions and writing the farmer training manuals have only high school diplomas and very limited environmental or scientific knowledge.
You might want to give this a look:
Nicki said…
Anonymous, Thank you for the information, I pulled up some articles and I'll continue to look into this before I post again. I do believe there is so much improvement by every one in the "food" business and yes, Fair Trade I look for as well as, non GMO. I did find this - "The Rainforest Alliance label only guarantees that 30% of coffee beans in a product have been certified."
30%, in my opinion is...not good. Thanks again.