Back To School With An Umi Shoes Giveaway!

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We are so pleased today's sponsor for our post and giveaway is Umi Shoes for Kids

Happy Back to School to you!  Whether your kids are back in school, homeschool or too young to start school, the changing of the seasons brings in fun and a need for new clothes!  Autumn shoes are most certainly a part of that!
   We are absolutely loving the new styles and colors at Umi Shoes.  I am all for adding pops of color whenever possible and taking navy shoes and adding pops of bright green...pure awesomeness!
Little one was so pleased seeing Umi's new style Hectorr he put them on right away!  (and would not take off, even after putting shorts on for the day
Please see the WARNING below!

Please excuse our travel messes :)


Do not open your child's Umi Shoes in front of them, if they have to wait until autumn  before wearing.  

They will want to wear them immediately.   

They will want to wear their new autumn shoes with summer shorts.  

They will throw a huge temper fit if  you take them off.

They will say they are their "favorites" and their "lovelies" so that you feel extra bad for making them wait.

They will hug them and hide them beneath their pillow with their extra stashes of binkies so you do not find them.

You may have to look for 45 minutes to locate the new shoes.

You may miss your conference call, not hear the oven timer go off and burn the new recipe for cookies you are creating for the kid's magazine awaiting your submission.

They will sleep with them on to be sure you do not hide them whilst they are sleeping.

You may have to start autumn early because you are so exhausted from saying no to a sad face who wants his new "lovie" shoes.

Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)  

Happy Autumn!

Starting autumn early!  (see below for clothing info)

Umi Shoes for Kids, do not just look good, they are made for running and playing!  
As they should be. 

Summer shorts in autumn shoes.  Yep...they still look good! ;)

My notes: 

love that Umi Shoes uses eco-friendly coloring.  

Stylish jeans outfit with the orange fleece vest is from Rugged Bear! (review coming)

I am so pleased that my little one loves to wear Umi's (he's quite picky about shoes and the way they feel)

YES!  I absolutely recommend Umi Shoes.  Moms and dads work hard for their money and I would not recommend them if I did not love them.
We are giveaway a Umi Shoes for kids $60.00 Gift Card!  

  I am proud to be an Umi Shoes Brand Ambassador.  I was provided with shoes for review purposes.  No other compensation was provided.  Opinions are my own.  Prize is shipped by Umi Shoes, we are not responsible for shipping or prize.  Winner has 24 hours to respond to email. 

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