Beatrix New York for Traveling & Back to School Fun!

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We are so pleased to have today's sponsor,  Beatrix New York!

We have long been fans of Beatrix New York and we are featuring their little kids backpacks today!  We have Nigel the Shark and he could not be any sweeter!  Little one wears his backpack...everywhere!  The little kids backpacks are smaller versions of the regular backpacks for kids and are the perfect fit for toddlers and preschool kids and absolutely perfect for Back to School!  Even if little ones are not going to school, it is fun for them to have their very own pack! 

Little one and Beatrix are heading to the National Zoo in Washington DC!

Nigel the Shark is packed with Plum Kids Squeezies, extra clothes because you just know we will need them and stainless steel water bottle!  Love the colors - blue and grey!

Dancing and having fun on the pier outside of Annapolis, waiting to eat crabs!

Pardon the picture - Little one doesn't sit still for long!

My Notes:

Yes, we are all huge fans of Beatrix New York!  Beatrix New York's kids products are  PVC free, lead free, phthalate free & BPA free!  

One would think this would be common sense to make products for kids (or anyone) WITHOUT these and other toxic chemicals, sadly this is not so!

I was recently sent products with a Prop 65 warning on it and realized that not all companies have taken the toxic chemicals out of their luggage and products!  Blech!
This is on my MUST HAVE list for little one!

So, YES, I actively seek out Beatrix products!  We have had the Fernando cuddly bear for over a year and it is still one of the most snuggled animals in the house!

The specific Nigel backpack was provided for review purposes.  However, I already seek out and purchase other Beatrix products and highly recommend them, that is my opinion.