Onyx Stainless Steel Back to School Fun & Giveaway!

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We are so pleased to have Onyx Stainless Steel sponsoring today's post & giveaway! 

I have been on a hunt for ice pop molds and ice tray molds that are stainless steel.   Everything I have used has been either plastic or aluminum, neither of which I am too thrilled about.  I can honestly say, I found the fabulous products in both...and both are made from Onyx!  

The ice tray looks vintage and works fabulously.  My husband absolutely loves it!  It takes quite a bit of fabulousness for husband (maybe just mine?) to comment and love a kitchen product.

Pour water or even orange juice, or blended fruits and veggies into your tray.  
Use orange juice or blended fruits for smoothies or to add to your drink for awesome deliciousness.

Ice Pops & Frozen Fruit Mixes!

Mix your frozen fruit and organic Greek yogurt into your blender and mix well.  

The mix is ready for the ice pop molds!

The ice pops come with a stand.  Place your molds in the stand.  Add your mixture, the lids and top with your bamboo ice pop sticks!  Place in freezer.

Ready to go in the freezer!  The pops come with different color tabs that are super easy to take out clean and put back in.  The different colors are great for keeping track of different flavors or if the kids want their own color!

After a couple of hours (or over night) your pops are frozen.  Take out and rinse for a second under hot or warm water.  I do mean a second....they pop right out!

Smoothie pops are absolutely healthy and make the perfect before or after school treat! 

My Notes:

YES!  I absolutely love both products!  Super easy to use, they go in the dishwasher and the ice tray separator comes out completely, so you can make homemade frozen little desserts!

Stainless steel is so much healthier to use than plastics.  

I have wanted a vintage looking ice tray since I watched the new Flipper movie (years ago!) and it is as cool as I thought it would be! (does this make me a geek?)

I just saw these ice pop molds at West Elm.  Enough said! ;)

Onyx Stainless Steel is giving away one of each products to fabulous little island studios readers!  Prize is shipped from company.  TWO Winners! (one product each) 
Giveaway is open to US or Canada!

If you cannot wait to see if you won one...you can check out their website here:
http://www.thetickletrunk.com  They actually have loads of stainless steel outstanding products.

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I receive product from Onyx for review purposes.  No other compensation was received.  Opinions that these are fabulous products are my own.  Your experience may differ.


Stacy said…
What a wonderful product and idea! I have honestly never seen a stainless steel ice tray and now I want one!
Unknown said…
Those are really cool ice pop molds! I like the looks of them much better than the plastic ones I'm using now
Unknown said…
I would love the ice tray! It makes mini-popsicles! :)
Sadie said…
I like the ice pop molds.