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We are so pleased to have Happy Family Organic Foods for today's sponsor! 

Happy Family Organic Products is running a fun contest - Stories From the Bright Side moms with messy babies and toddlers. (every mom! :)

As you may know I am a huge advocate of organic food and healthy lifestyle choices!   Happy Family feels the same and you really cannot go wrong with a panel of experts including Robyn O'Brien and Dr. Lawrence Rosen!  (they had me with Robyn!)   

In my opinion, starting baby off with organic food, real food is the best way to give them a bright and healthy future.

Messy enough?   I do not usually give little one cake and ice cream.  It was a celebratory dessert and of course homemade and totally organic! :)
Happy Baby Indeed!

You know you have a messy baby or toddler if you have said the following:

"Please stop licking that off the floor!"

"That dish is for the doggies!"

"No, we do not need a paper towel we need a bathtub."

"Exactly how many extra outfits did you bring?" (never enough)

"You might want to double the tip for the waitress."

"Is the car seat cover removable?"

"Can you hose the high seat off outside before you wash the cover in the washer?"

"Mom, he wiped his face on me!"

What have you found yourself saying that you thought you never would?

You know you have a messy kiddo when you can see the size of the glass they are drinking out of!

Little one completely enjoying an organic freshly made strawberry smoothie!  
No spoon needed.

Happy Family wants you to share your funny feeding story!  If you are a mom...then I know you have many!  Share yours for a chance to win $20,000 towards their education.  They get big fast!  

About Happy Family Products:

Launched on Mother’s Day 2006, and founded and operated by moms, Happy Family is the leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family. Happy Family products are consistently recognized for superior taste and nutrition. In 2011, founder and CEO Shazi Visram earned the title of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for New York. Happy Family has been named as one of the fastest growing organic food companies in the nation by Inc. magazine for two years running, and was named “Rockstar of the New Economy” by Fast Company in 2012.  
With every product sold, the company supports Project Peanut Butter, a nonprofit that feeds starving children in Malawi, Mali and Sierra Leone.
- Happy Family Organics

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  • My Notes:

    I am already of big fan of Happy Family Organics.  I did research on them when little one was born...I wish I would have their organics when my older kids were young.   I already purchase Happy Family Organics weekly at the market...Happily! 

    This is a sponsored project between Social Moms & Happy Family Organics.  Opinions are my own.