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Today's post and giveaway is sponsored by Build-A-Bear Workshop
My older kids have been going to Build-A-Bear Workshop for years and we have always had such wonderful experiences.  My youngest had not been yet and the kids wanted to get one this summer on our travels to remind them of their summer fun.  We had been watching the new My Little Pony DVD and we were all in the My Little Pony mood.

I think it is wonderful that there is no age limit at Build-A-Bear Workshop and love that teens have just as much fun as the littles - seeing your teen laugh, smile and thoroughly enjoy making a bear is such a blessing!
Taking your little one to Build-A-Bear Workshop is such fun and bringing an older sister to join in is absolutely priceless!

Build-A-Bear Workshop has an amazing staff who clearly loves working with kids and creating fun!
The dryer is a hit!
Huggies for the new My Little Pony!

The Build-A-Bear Workshop stroller is absolutely an all-time favorite and goes with us everywhere!

Absolutely outsanding store staff!  Little one was so excited to take home his lovelies!

Older kids and teens can have a backpack for their bear ( My Little Pony) or a house! 
We love it! 

Yes, we had so much fun at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is giving away a $25 Gift Card to a fabulous little island studios reader!

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My Notes:

We all absolutely love Build-A-Bear Workshop and would like to send huge thank yous to the entire staff at the Bethesda / Westfield Mall store - outstanding - they made all the difference!

I would love for Build-A-Bear Workshop to get a blue stroller in for boys or girls! 
*hint hint*

This is a sponsored post with Bear-A Bear Workshop.  Opinions are my own.


Mami2jcn said…
Yes, I've been to Build a Bear Workshop. My daughter loves it and we just went there for her birthday last month.

Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy
Unknown said…
Yes, we've been to Build a Bear Workshop and we love it! My husband and I made a bear for my daughter before she was born. Now we need to make one for our son! Don't want him to feel left out. ;)
618mom said…
No but my son would love a build a bear
JC said…
I have been to Build A Bear Workshop, we love it.
Ash said…
I have been to build a bear but it has been a long time!

Unknown said…
yes! my kids bug me every time we pass it!
We love Build a Bear. The one closest to us is being remodeled right now, so we haven't been since July. I understand it's going to be really fantastic when they are done.

The last time we went, the trip was planned, but we were only going to get one small thing. On the way there, we had a car accident. The car was drive-able and the kids were shaken up but okay, so I ended up buying two stuffed animals because I felt like they needed the love that night.
kellyr78 said…
Yes I have been there a few times and my kids love it.
April G said…
Yes! We took our oldest son when he transitioned to his "big boy bed"! We'd love to take our daughter and help her get rid of her pacifiers that way. :)
DO said…
My kids love Build-A-Bear! My daughter has three already, but is still waiting for the "pony experience" ...
d schmidt said…
We have been rather often since they started the My Little Pony collection, my four year old loves them
Shelly Leatham said…
We have been several times, but not recently!
Cassie Eastman said…
We have been to Build A Bear a few times, always so fun!
Jennifer Young said…
No, we're never been there before, but it sounds really cool!
Holly S. said…
I used to take my son long ago, but my daughter is just getting old enough to "get it", so we have yet to go with her.

Holly Storm-Burge
Anonymous said…
We love BAB!!
Unknown said…
I have but I want to take my toddler before I deliver baby number 2!
Unknown said…
I have but want to take my toddler before I deliver baby number 2!!
Sadie said…
My kids love Build a Bear. We love to pick out new accessories for our bears!
We have been to Build-a-Bear! My daughter has had a birthday party there before. My son is getting into the bears now too which is cool since my daughter has quite a few and she's growing out of playing with them!