Iron Man 3 JARVIS App Launches!

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Today's post information comes from JARVIS.  This is not a sponsored post. 

Ever wonder what it's like to be Tony Stark?
(I won't answer that ;D

  In Marvel’s “Iron Man” series, JARVIS is Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent computer system and serves a multitude of functions. JARVIS is programmed to speak with a male British accent and is voiced in Marvel’s “Iron Man” and “The Avengers” series by actor Paul Bettany (“A Beautiful Mind,” “The Da Vinci Code”).

Please note that I have suppressed the urge to type *swoon* next to the words - British, Tony Stark, Iron Man, Paul Bettany and Robert Downey Jr.   Okay, it doesn't actually say Robert Downey Jr. anywhere, but he plays Tony Start *swoon* and I am thinking of him when I type Tony Stark *swoon*!  

Ever wonder what it's like to be Tony Stark?  Download the one-of-a-kind, interactive experience app hosted by JARVIS to your iPad, iPhone or iPod and find out.  Just like the real JARVIS, you will be able to interact with him using your own voice. Create customized alarms to wake you in the morning, download ringtones, check the weather, post to Facebook and more!  Sync the app to your Blu-ray™ player to unlock hidden files and suits embedded throughout the disc, and experience the first-ever voice controlled Blu-ray! Now you can find out with an interactive experience app hosted by JARVIS on your iOS device! 

If the app talks to me in a lovely British Paul Bettany accent...well, I'm there! 

Thanks to JARVIS for the information.  This is not a sponsored post.