Moms, Buyer Beware At Benetton!

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I do not normally blog grumpy posts - however, I feel it may help out other moms from wasting their family's hard earned money. 

I had not been in a Benetton since I was young, so I was unaware of their quality or return policy.  I saw two tees with "green" sayings on them, they were organic and around ten dollars, so I thought I would try them out.  I am so glad I only bought two and not more!  

I always do a quick wash or rinse before I let my kids wear their clothes (yes, even organic clothes).  I washed the two tees and pulled them out of the dryer and went to put on my little one.  They both had shrunk at least one size smaller and one of them had a hole in it!  I was super disappointed and put them back into a bag with the receipt.  

Imagine my surprise when the store would not take them back because they did not have tags on them!  The store manager said I should have left the tags on them.  Um, so how exactly was I supposed to wash them?  He said he didn't know but wasn't going to take them back without tags, but to be nice he would offer me 15% off something else in the store.  LOL!  He said that was what they offered for damaged clothes.

Now, why-oh-why would I spend yet more money at a store that clearly does not back up what they sell?  The store manager seemed to be perplexed at why a mom would not take up this fantastic offer of 15% off something else in the store.   

Lesson learned:   If you are shopping somewhere new, know your store policies before purchasing something.   Or perhaps I could learn to wash new clothing with their tags still attached so if they do fall apart I can point and say "SEEEEE, there are the tags!"  ;D

So, I am out about $22 and that can be a lot of money for busy moms trying to cloth their quickly growing kiddos.  And I must say - clothes that can hold up from sibling-to-sibling is always a bonus that moms appreciate.

This was my first (and last) experience shopping at Benetton.  I usually shop at Gap Kids, Hanna Anderson (on sale), LL Bean and at Nordstroms (on sale) for new kids clothes and every single one of these stores has absolutely outstanding customer service and return policies (I actually rarely need to return items).  I will go back to shopping at my favorite stores where customer service and quality matter.  

Of course this is not sponsored by any of the companies listed.  I cannot imagine if I had bought an expensive item (like a winter coat for kiddo) and had problems with it.  I just thought other moms might want to know before they shop.