Ten Ways To Fight Pesticides! #FightPesticides

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Stonyfield Organic and many others are bringing awareness of the massive pesticides in our foods and environment.  We are pleased to be a part.

Tips to lessen pesticides exposure in your family - 

1.  Instead of buying products with ribbons on the labels that go toward Cancer research, spend your money on organic food for your family.  Donating is great, but always do a bit of research on exactly who is getting the money and what the money is really  going toward?  I am usually unpleasantly surprised -  I have seen food with a pink label and the very ingredients in the food have an ingredient known or connected to causing illness!  GMOs, pesticides, hormones and fake synthetic food colorings are all things that do not belong in your body.

2.  It is not for the bees sake, it is for yours!  So you say you don't care that millions upon millions are inexplicably dying?  Okay, that's fine.  But you are missing the point - the bees are a warning to us.  Let us not wait until it gets worse to act.

3.  Stop Rounding Up! If you are still using Round-Up on your lawn, you must have missed the countless studies linking it to Cancer, Parkinson's and a myriad of other devastating illnesses that are plaguing the US right now. (too many articles on this one to list)    Pull weeds, it's exercise and exercise is good for you.  Use vinegar mixtures - yes, they absolutely work!

4.  Buy Organic!  Keeping it simple - buy organic food, every single time you can.  It matters.  Organic produce, dairy and meats do not have devastating results to our planet or humans.  Again, you may not care about the planet, but, if the planet does not do well...we do not either!

5.  Talk!  Talk to everyone you can.  Sitting at soccer practice?  Talk to other moms about the food crisis in America - do they know about GMOs?  Pesticides in our foods?  Hormones in dairy and meat?  Fluoride in the water?  Plant the seed and it will grow! (organic seeds of course ;)

6.  Give it up!  Soda are full of toxins, GMOs, synthetic colors - a chemical cocktail that you can certainly do without.

7.  Know Your Farmer!  Every week, I shop at my local organic farm first and anything else I need after that, is bought at a healthy food store.  We must support our organic and chemical free farms!  A tip:  Buying local does not mean it is non-GMO - ask questions about their farming practices and ask where their seeds are coming from.  I have never met a farmer that was not friendly. 

8.  Filter your water!  Whether your water is well water or city water the chances that is fluoride, chlorine and toxin free is small.  If you do not want to filter your water, go the extra step and have it tested yourself.  Find a water filter that filters all of the toxins out - Berkey Clean Water Filters are excellent!

9.  Go Barefoot!  Only if your lawn is free of all chemicals though. Having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood is no longer cool!  Personally the greener the lawn the farther I walk around to avoid it.   

10.  Grow food, not lawns!  Where do we think our grandparents got food?  A great way to teach kids (and yourself) about real food is grow something!  Start some lovely herbs in your window sill, how about some carrots?  What a fun family project! 

If you are just awakening to the food crisis, here are some basic and helpful, but not overwhelming sites with easy to find information on what you may be looking for.  

Organic Authority

Robyn O'Brien author of The Unhealthy Truth.  Absolutely outstanding book, author and resource - a must-follow!

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Blog - Pesticides and the Silencing of the Bees.

Pesticide Protection For Our Kids - Stonyfield featuring Robyn O'Brien! 

My Fight Against Pesticides - This is why I personally fight for my and all kids.

Included are several links to articles from a variety of sources that may help you keep your family safe.  To be honest, the articles listing the dangers of Roundup are too many to put here.  It is absolutely incredible to me that this is even on the market and available everywhere.  

Almost our entire "food" system is owned and supplied by dangerous chemical companies and we are taking their word for it's safety.  This should concern every mother in our country!  Other countries are wising up and banning GMO and pesticides, let us fight to become one of them.  We should be the healthiest, fittest country and we are one of the sickest, most obese and have an Autism rate of 1 in 54!  

Choose food grown by real farmers not covering your food in pesticides. 

Choose real food.  

Chemicals, Pesticides and GMOs are big, big business, it is going to take moms using their power to fight for children to make a difference.  We must be heard over their profit.  Health is Wealth and our children's (and our own) health and future should never depend on chemical companies and politicians!  Remember when you buy a product you are voting for it.  Vote carefully -  it matters.

Please take the time to research where your food is coming from and by who - your family's health most certainly is depending on it.

I am proud to be a Stonyfield brand ambassador and am joining them in their campaign to Fight Pesticides!  This is not a sponsored post at all and opinions are my own.