Vote Yes On 522! #YesOn522 #RightToKnow

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This is not a sponsored post.  We believe strongly about labeling GMOs and feel that every mom & dad has the right to know!  Please check out Yes on 522 for more information!

If you are in Washington State you have a chance this November to make a different in our food system. We are in a food crisis and no one is paying attention.  Other countries have banned or restricted the use of GMOs in food and America does not even have labeling.   

As a mother, I have the right to know if the food I am feeding my children has been genetically engineered.  Let me make the decision. NOT a corporation that has no interest if my child gets allergies, Cancer, autism or any other illness.  Cancer is the leading cause in childhood deaths.  Ill health is epidemic in this country - let's ask ourselves - WHY do we have chemical companies running our "food" system?  It is time to take back our food and our health!  We must NOT wait for the food companies, government or politicians to do the right thing.  WE must demand real food, labeled food.  (if GMOs were so great, they would be proud to label them...riiiight?)

Top 5 reasons why we should have GMO labeling:
1. Everyone has the right to know what is in the food they eat. American companies already label the GMO food they export to 64 other countries. We deserve to know too.

2. Labeling GMOs is the necessary first step in the fight for control over our food system. Over 80% of processed food contains GMOs, and now GMO fish, apples and corn are coming to the market.

3. Farmers, ranchers and businesses from Washington support I-522; 99% of the opposition is funded by out-of-state corporations.

4. Farming GMO crops uses more pesticides than conventional crops, contaminate our environment, and people who live near agriculture.

5. Contrary to industry claims, labeling GMOs does not impact prices of food.

The Food Companies that have GMOs in their "food" are trying to buy this election (again) - Moms and Dads raise your voice and be heard!  Vote Yes on 522.  Let moms and dads choose for their families.  Buycott foods containing GMOs and the companies owning them.  If their profits disappear they will go where the money is.  

Parents this is one of the most important things we can do for our children's healthy future - eat, buy, grow and cook real food.

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This is not a sponsored post.  This is my reason for fighting GMOs and pesticides in our "food"