7 Minutes Into Thanksgiving, I Lied & I Blame Amazon.

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I lied.  I have spent the last two weeks encouraging moms to focus on gratitude  and family fun instead of shopping on Thanksgiving day -  so when I was cleaning up the kitchen from making Spicy Lentil Soup, I was posting a Happy Thanksgiving on Facebook to my lovely readers.  I tweeted some yummy recipes and thankfulness tweets to some of you.  I was getting off-line, I really was.  I just stopped by my Amazon tab for a tiny second to see if anything was new...and then... I saw it.  The blu-ray player.   The one that has been sitting in my cart all summer and I couldn't afford, the one that is to replace the broken one that may or may not have raw cookie dough smooched into the buttons and now, no longer works - went to well-over half-price off.    I just so happened to have a gift card to Amazon.  So, I pushed the button to buy and before I could realize what time it was, the order had already gone through.  (Amazon is fast that way)  So exactly seven minutes into Thanksgiving - I was shopping, when I said I wouldn't.  In all fairness, I have been up super late having family fun, working-out and watching a fun movie.  So, even though it is "technically" Thanksgiving day, it is still the day before for me, since I have not yet slept. 

I blame Amazon and my messy (I am a slob) kitchen from Spicy Lentil Soup that kept me up late cleaning and close to where  my computer is sitting.

I am thankful for all of my readers, you are so appreciated.  
Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Moms!  

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This is not a sponsored post.  Amazon, if you see this and would like to hire me, that would be super duper, since I blame you anyway.