Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Family Fun Not Shopping. #Thankfulness

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This year we are celebrating thankfulness and family instead of 
shopping for Thanksgiving.   It's not that I am against shopping or buying something fun for the holidays  -  I just think a day off to reflect on thankfulness and celebrating gratitude is so important for our family and how we see things.  

I'm sorry, I just don't get it this year.  For a couple of years I got up fairly early with my husband, we got a holiday coffee and bought a few things for day-after Thanksgiving sales.  We were home before the kids got up and it was kinda festive.  This year?  I just do not get it.   This year the so-called "sales" start Thanksgiving morning.  Um...where exactly is the fun in that? It's like any other Thursday.

We are looking forward to quiet in nature.  No people shoving to get to more stuff.

Play, Hike & Laugh Together!

This year we are going back to doing things like when the older kids were little.   There is more to the entire holiday season than stuff and shopping.  How much do we actually need?  Here are some of the things we do to celebrate and bring in the season.

Which road are you taking this holiday season?

We make a big breakfast and start the holiday music.  

We get out our Christmas decorations and decorate the house and even the kid's rooms!

We play.  We laugh.  We are silly.

We Bake! I'm sure you are so surprised by this if you follow me on Instagram.  Let the holiday baking fun begin! ;)

We go hiking!  Hiking and being outside even when it is cold is absolutely exhilarating.

We get out the holiday movies and make homemade holiday popcorn (organic, of course!)

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you.  I am so thankful to all the moms who read and share with us.   What are you doing for thankful family fun? :)