The Curtis Stone GPS System Coming Soon To A Minivan Near You!

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I have been traveling so much lately and I always seem to have somewhere new to go.  My husband is constantly trying to get me to use the GPS system in our car.  However, I prefer Map Quest and regular maps - you know, the paper maps that never quite fold up the way you bought them - and to be completely honest, the woman's voice on the GPS,  bossing my husband around - telling him to "go this way and that" and "you have made a wrong turn" in her ever-so-smug voice - always calm, always so sure of herself - is highly incredibly annoying!

So I have an idea and I am going to submit it to the patent place or the "let's start a new business venture and make lots of money" idea place - I am going to create a GPS system that is voiced by -  Curtis Stone (a man who sounds like that, looks like that and cooks -  oh yes!)

Perhaps he could say things like "You need to make a right turn over there, love" and "oh, you look amazing in those sunglasses"  and "Hey, have you been working out?  Yoga is really paying off and by the way, go straight through at the light, baby"  "Good morning, lovely.  Let me direct you to the mall to buy some boots to go with your new bag - go left at the curve"  -  All in his lovely Australian accent.  

Good gracious, can you imagine?  That voice could say "go left at the moon" and I am pretty sure I would find a way to do it.  

So, what do you think?  Would you buy my Curtis Stone GPS System and who's voice do you want telling you which way to go in heavy traffic? ;D 

If Curtis Stone (swoon) is not available or has blocked me because he feels this idea is a bit too  stalkish innovated.   My Top Picks -  Gerard Butler (oh my), Jamie Oliver (he's ever-so lovely) or perhaps Jack Johnson singing me directions...?   How about all of them and choose according to whom I am in the mood to listen too that day?  Why YES, I'd buy that! 

No, of course this is not sponsored.  However, if you are interested in backing my brilliant  idea and would like to fund it - Please have Curtis Stone or Gerard Butler call me right away.   

Pictures:  Yes, I am completely aware that my car is not super tidy.  This comes from traveling and also being a bit of a slob having messy kids.  I am thinking up an idea for that as well.  Yep, a regular think tank.   How about the Chris Hemsworth Car Tidy Upper!  Details coming soon. 

Oh my!  I just saw that Curtis Stone is married to Lindsay Price, who like one of the coolest women on the planet!  She could have her own GPS System.  She'd probably agree with me anyway though, quite the idea. ;)

It's super late and my lovely daughter and I have the giggles writing this, watching episodes of Take Home Chef and Greek and baking cookies.   So really, between the sugar rush and lack of sleep this may or may not be great to post and most probably has awful punctuation due to my lack of being able to see the screen from tears of laughter pouring down my face.  Good night lovelies. ;D


Unknown said…
Great idea! I'd buy it! We could all use a little more Curtis Stone in our lives! ;)