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We are so pleased today's post is sponsored by VTech’s Kid Connect App on their InnoTab 3S learning tablet and Social Moms

We have been a huge fans of VTech products for years and we currently have a MobiGo 2 and have in mind something a bit more advance for the holidays! (shhh, don't tell little one ;) and I have the InnoTab3S in my Amazon "Saved For Later" list (don't we all?).   Our VTech products have always stood up to little ones dropping on the floor, pushing way too hard on the screen and tons of play!  We have traveled so much this year and our MobiGo 2 has been our go-to travel accessory (and the tiny travel potty), with the Mickey Mouse must-have game - it is absolutely awesome! 

With the Kid Connect App you and your child can send photos and drawings.  Have photo albums and new pictures or touch the drawing icon and use simple drawing tools to inspire their creativity and imagination!  Selfies anyone?  Littles do-so looove to take pictures!

I love that you can connect with your child at daycare, preschool or while they are at a friends.  I personally like to make sure my kids can text me any time they want even when they are playing at friend's house and I am picking up dinner at the market.  

VTech Kid Connect is compatible with your  iPhone, Android smart phones and other InnoTab® 3S tablets, so you can connect any where, any time.
      InnoTab 3S is the ONLY children’s learning tablet with VTech Kid Connect, a unique, ground-breaking family communication app that brings families together and helps parents stay connected to their kids – anytime, anywhere! It’s great for boys and girls, ages 3-9.
      With easy-to-use tablet-to-mobile communication, preschoolers as young as three can send voice messages, text messages, animated stickers, photos and drawings to parents’ smartphones, from a kid-safe, kid-friendly tablet.

      In return, parents can send messages back to their child’s InnoTab 3S, opening up an interactive dialogue. Plus, kids can stay connected to their friends and siblings by exchanging messages safely between two InnoTab 3S tablets anywhere in the world, regardless of how far apart they are.
      InnoTab 3S comes with a one year free subscription of Basic Kid Connect, which allows users to send text messages and stickers; a Premium Kid Connect subscription, available on VTech’s app store, offers the enhanced features of voice messages, photos and drawings.
      InnoTab 3S also features a kid-safe web browser, rechargeable battery and 20 free apps, all for $79.99

Check out VTech InnoTab 3S for more information and stores near you! 

VTech's Kid Connect App Store! 
VTech On Twitter!  (Twitter is my favorite and my best ;D

VTech on Pinterest

My Notes:

Yes, I would absolutely recommend the VTech InnoTab 3S and all of their products for that matter.   We tried out another brand and the sheer amount of times the gaming console let me child know that he could "go online and download more games" (this is code for mom to spend more money)  was enough for me not to buy that console.   The VTech does not do that (I think the MobiGo has done it once in a year!).  So, between being user friendly, extremely sturdy for littles, fun games available and no or minimum interruptions...little island studios rates it a WIN for both littles and moms and dads! 

What VTech goodies do you have?  Do you have the InnoTab 3S?  Is it on your little's Christmas list?

Happy Holidays!

This is a compensated post with VTech and Social Moms.  Opinions are my own.  And I  absolutely recommend Social Moms AND  VTech and have bought VTech for years (without sponsorship!).