Organic Peanut Butter Is Not Created Equal!

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I shop several times a week for food at organic markets, health and whole food stores,  however when I shop there, or anywhere, I do not check my brain at the door.   Every trip to the market involves reading labels and being aware of what I am feeding my children.                           

Food matters.  

Navigating and eating healthier can be confusing, frustrating and very time consuming these days.  Eating organic is a wonderful first step.   Ingredients Matter - more important than calories, fat and anything else on the label - ingredients are what matters.  When buying a product, I look for non-GMO ingredients and then I look at what exactly is in the food.  

This is Organic Peanut Butter from Whole Foods.  Organic is great - this means that the food and ingredients are produced without harmful pesticides and GMOs.  However, this is peanut butter - it should have peanuts in it - no more, no less.  This peanut butter has peanuts, expeller palm oil, cane sugar, sea salt.  Good gracious!  PALM OIL, SALT and SUGAR?!

  Palm oil is causing massive devastation for elephant and orangutan habitats!  And adding yet more sugar and salt to our diets is just sad...much like the Standard American Diet!  The palm oil in this peanut butter should be from sustainable sources and is not expelled by chemicals however it is still just a filler.  Adding oil, sugar and salt to our food is just unnecessary, they are just cheap fillers instead of using real ingredients.  

Note: 14% of palm oil is sustainable and not causing devastation, CSPO (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. 

This is Organic Peanut Butter from Trader Joe's.  Ingredients - Organic Peanuts.

Enough said.  And thank you Canada. 

I might add that the peanut butter from Trader Joe's is less expensive.

Better for my kids and less expensive. 

Please check out our Reading Food Label Top Tips!

Please avoid Palm Oil in all products.  Try to avoid on cosmetics, foods, soaps and everything else.

Here are a few articles on the devastation the use of palm oil is causing! 

Orangutans fight for survival as thirst for palm oil devastates rain forests. / Guardian

Elephant Family - protecting Asian elephants and their habitats.

Plantation palm oil workers poison elephants

Say NO to Palm Oil

Elephant National Park  on Facebook

Keep Calm and Educate Yourself About Food.


Unknown said…
I agree! I love Trader Joe's PB or Adams. Nothing extra is added, which makes me feel better about my kids eating 100 pb sandwiches a day. ;)
Nicki said…
Hi Jen, Yes, nice to feel good about the peanut butter stage - and good much peanut butter can kids eat? LOL Thanks so much for reading!
Unknown said…
I've been discovering the superior quality of Trader Joe's. At first, it started off with a few snacks and staples. It has grown to freezer and cabinet-filling love.
Nicki said…
I agree, it is nice to have a place that isn't playing the "food game" *sigh* Of course, wherever you shop - always read labels on everything! :)