Our Favorite Parenting Books, Sites & Resources!

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There has been a lot of discussion lately on my Instagram  page on parenting and everyone has a favorite parenting book and questions regarding which ones are worth the read.  I am not new to parenting and I have read my share of parenting books that are just not worth a mom's time.  Here are some of my most favorite.  All of the books inspire kindness not harshness, parenting styles.  I do not recommend any parenting books or styles where "parenting" involves hitting a child.   

I have put them in my preference order - all worth reading and helpful!

If you buy or read only one parenting book, this is the one I recommend - Playful Parenting by Lawrece J. Cohen, Ph.D.  A wonderful read on being the parent your child needs.  

Outstanding resource for moms on discipline that works and does not leave moms and kids feeling bad about themselves.

I recommend both of her books.

Raising Happy Healthy Babies by Kim Corrigan-Oliver - The author sent this cook / parenting book to me a over a year ago to check out and I can't tell you how many times it saved me from having to look up information off the Internet.  It is a basic book without pictures, however the information, recipes and tips I recommend for every single mom.  Get it while you are pregnant or when your little one is an infant to not miss out - this is the one book I really wish I would have had all along!

These favorite websites, articles and blogs that focus primarily on parenting and being a mom are worth your time to check out!

Please start first and stop by  AhaParenting.com for help, advice and tips at every age group.

Mothering With Mindfulness - minimalist and green parenting at it's best - inspired!  
(the author of Raising Happy Healthy Babies, recommended above writes this site)

Finding Joy - inspiration for moms on good days and not so good days

Our 8 Tips EVERY Mom Should Know!  little island studios at Pop Sugar 
(I'm self promoting this one ;)

There are no affiliate links on this.  All books are available used, new, paperback and hardcover.  Happy parenting!