Disney's The Pirate Fairy Natasha Bedingfield Music Feature!

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Disney's The Pirate Fairy is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD and we can not wait!  The Disney Fairy movies are so much for for girls AND boys - Colorful, Fun, Happy and nothing inappropriate - we love them! 

Disneytoon Studios’ new adventure “The Pirate Fairy” features Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy whose wild ideas get her into trouble. And according to filmmakers, a fairy with such an outgoing personality called for a very special musical accompaniment. “We are lucky enough to have award-winning Natasha Bedingfield serve as the inner voice of Zarina through her songs,” says Peggy Holmes, director of “The Pirate Fairy.” “Zarina is a little offbeat and contemporary and these songs showcase her personality so well.

We used one of Natasha’s  songs, ‘Weightless,’ as a temp track and fell in love with it—so much so, we decided to use it in the final film. We felt Natasha’s voice so perfectly spoke to Zarina’s character, we asked her to also perform our original song ‘Who I Am,’ which was written for ‘The Pirate Fairy.’”

This is not a sponsored post.  We can't wait for the Pirate Fairy to come out!