Fun & Romantic Valentine's Day Movies, That He'll Actually Watch!

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Why are all the "romantic movie" lists full of movies that will make you sob into your vat of ice cream, that you are most certainly going to need to get over the horribly depressing "romantic" movie you just sat through? (and made your husband)  Clearly men were not consulted before making these lists.  They do not really want to watch them.  (they are just making you happy).  It's Valentine's Day after all.

Please explain why and who deemed these "romantic"?   My idea of a romantic movie leaves me in a good mood - not a sobbing ball of snot and tears.   So here are a few of my favorites.   My husband's idea of a romantic movie is Rambo - he almost cried at the end when Rambo was done blowing up the town that didn't accept him.  

So....these movies are a happy medium that you'll BOTH enjoy!  (then you don't have to watch Rambo).  Enjoy and Happy Happy Valentine's Day

Crazy Stupid Love is one of my favorite movies!  Ryan Gosling is in it.  Need I say more?
Whether you have been married twenty years or are dating, this movie is just enough serious then back to fun for both of you.  Romantic but won't make you cry or depressed!

This Means War has Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon.  Need I say more?  So much fun and a hit for you both!  Which one would you pick?

He likes zombies and you like romance?  Warm Bodies is for you.  
(your teens will like it too)
Not "too much" gore and a bit of Valentine romance - Zombie style!

Okay, don't get mad - I almost didn't add this.  But, between Justin Timberlake and the scene stealing Woody Harrelson - this makes me laugh!  It does have a fairly explicit montage of sex (hence the name -Friends with Benefits)
But, really a great movie that makes me laugh (and makes my face red on a scene or two)
So that you know, this is more fun than romantic.

Knight and Day is Fast, Fun and Action packed with humor added in for good measure.   Great movie you will both surely love! 

Mr and Mrs Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is...well, awesome.

Divorced? Single?  Diane Lane is absolutely amazing in Under the Tuscan Sun, as-is the scenery! 
Love this movie - gives hope and inspiration for new beginnings

What are your favorite romantical movies?  If you say a certain other movie with Ryan Gosling - your comment will be deleted for not understanding what a fun movie is.  Not kidding.


Christine said…
Great list of movies! I haven't seen all of them so am jotting them down for next time we're renting. Thanks!
Megan said…
Hi! Visiting from the Friday Pin Fest. This is a good list. I couldn't get my husband to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love though. :( We did both enjoy Warm Bodies, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Knight and Day. Lately, we never agree on movies to watch together. Most recently we watched The Lego Movie. It was a fun movie and had some innocent romance. :)