The Wagon Is Back - Happiness & Volvo Wagon Spotting! #WagonSpotting

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Hello Volvo V60 Sportswagon, Good Bye Minivan!  We are so thrilled today's post is sponsored by Volvo.  Wagon Spotting is back! 

Happiness!  Honestly, happy is what I think of when I think of Volvo wagons.  I know it sounds a bit odd, but growing up around the sun, surf and sand - it was just everyone's favorite thing to drive.   Need a ride?  Sure, pile in!  (seat belts weren't an issue then)  So, I completely equate wagons with happiness and fun.  Sun shining in my face and the wind in my hair.  Even now, it makes me smile.  Volvo wagons carried it all and carried it well - friends, surf boards, loads of coolers, towels and everything else we needed for hours upon hours in the sun and on-through moon-light campfires and clam bakes.   
I am not too sentimental about cars, but Volvo still has it and I am absolutely thrilled that the Volvo Sportswagon is back!  I cannot wait to drive the new V60! (and put in my dear santa letter)

Happiness is a kid with sand between their toes! 

No Compromises
Ergonomic seats in the front grip your body on tight turns. In the rear, seats come in 40/20/40 segments, offering plenty of room and flexibility for your lifestyle. Climb inside and you’re greeted by a sleek, luxurious interior that evokes design cues from contemporary Scandinavian furniture.
Bold New Look
Stand out for all the right reasons. The V60 isn’t simply a repurposed sedan with a lifted trunk. Rather, it’s designed for purpose, the way a wagon should be. The wide grille and lights form a prominent face. Clean lines flow from the classic Volvo V-shaped sculpted hood, creating strong shoulders that frame the signature tail lights and integrated exhaust. Clearly, the V60 has a style of its own.
Safety Firsts
Since Volvo's first wagon, safety has always been a priority. Volvo IntelliSafe offers features like standard City Safety, which prevents or mitigates slow moving collisions with smart automatic braking. Optional Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection, with full auto brake can automatically stop you at speeds up to 31 mph if a person steps or swerves suddenly into your lane. Trust us, this car knows what it’s doing.
Designed for Purpose
In a car that seems to do everything, we wanted to help you do a little more too. The V60’s intuitive and advanced features were designed with you in mind. Choose from three modes to personalize your Adaptive Digital TFT Display, and use Integrated Bluetooth® to enjoy hands-free mobile operation and audio streaming from any connected device.

                The new Volvo V60 Sportswagon is ready and waiting for new adventures!

The New V60 Sportswagon has -

Power & Automatic Everything

Rain Sensors

Cross Traffic Alert

Adaptive Digital Display

Active Dual Xenon Headlights

Headlight Washers

Grocery Bag Holders

Tri-folding Rear Seats

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And happiness as a mom is watching and hearing your little one see the ocean waves for the first time!  

Disclaimer:  No, I didn't wear seat belts at all much when I was a kid, I loved to sit in the back of our wagon with a book and a pillow.  I don't remember any one wearing seat belts, we also ran with scissors.  A lot.  And no, I didn't wear a seat belt when I was a teen, if you skipped the seat belt, you could get more kids in the car. 

Yes, I wear a seat belt now and no longer run with scissors.  Much.

This is a sponsored post with Social Moms and Volvo.  Opinions are my own - I am beyond  thrilled to be a part of Volvo Wagon Spotting and I also fighting the urge to tweet "I drive like a Cullen"  ;D #VolvoRules