Dyson, Best Buy & A Happy Kid, Oh My! #DysonatBestBuy #spon

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I am so excited for today's post to be sponsored by Dyson and Best Buy!

Best Buy has the new Dyson DC65 Animal Full Size Upright  and it is absolutely amazing!  Seriously amazing.  Yes, I know it is a vacuum, but if you have ever had the pleasure of using a Dyson - you know exactly what I mean!  This is my first Dyson and let me say, the Dyson reputation for quality and strength - it lives up to it's reputation.  It really is that good.  
I travel quite a lot, and staying in apartments, it is imperative that they stay clean.  Just a note - carpets are super expensive to replace in an apartment.   Having little ones, it is important to keep up with cleaning.  I thought I would only use the Dyson on carpet...I was wrong.  After coming home to hardwood floors, the Dyson has proven to be a must-have. The Dyson DC65 is powerful and the ultimate cleaning tool. The Dyson has saved me so much time - I would much rather be cooking or playing with my kids than cleaning.  Although, little one (and my husband) has been so pleased with our new Dyson, I haven't had to do much cleaning - they have taken over for me!  That in itself is worth whatever the cost!   

The Dyson DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors - most households have both carpets and hardwood / hard floors.

The Dyson cleaned right up to the wall and left none for me to have to wipe up with a mop!
Thank you Dyson!
Yes, I know the floor is terribly dirty - but after traveling for so long, we had quite a bit of cleaning to do coming home and thanks to the Dyson, the floors and wall corners were the easiest part!   You can see in the picture exactly where the Dyson was and where it wasn't.
The Dyson DC65 is outstanding on hardwood floors.  The Dyson DC65 rounds corners and goes right up to the edges of both, carpet and hard floors.  Yes, really.
The Dyson also made a very quick clean-up of the cobwebs that had built up over time.

I have discovered the secret for getting kids to clean up their rooms  -  Dyson.  I just assumed little one had no idea and was too little to clean up his mess.  I was wrong.  He just needed inspiration and his inspiration is apparently a Dyson!  Next morning he came to me and said his room was all dirty and he needed to vacuum.   So there you have it, the big secret for kids to clean their rooms - get a Dyson

Check out little one's excitement opening "his" Dyson!    Mom Gets a Dyson!
from little island studios on Vimeo.  (Please excuse the travel mess!)

Brush bar power increased by 25% for superior carpet cleaning
·         New configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt
·         Remodeled airflows to help remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from the home.
·         180AW of suction (vs.160AW in DC41)
·         Comes in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN) and Fuchsia (ANC)
·         Also, same great features as DC41:
o   Self-adjusting baseplate
o   Long-reach telescopic wand
o   2x suction of any other vacuum
o   Closer edge pick-up
o   Built to survive 10 years
o   Hygienic bin emptying

The Dyson DC65 Animal Upright is available at Best Buy.

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service.  Opinions are my own.  (yes, absolutely giddy over the Dyson's performance!) And highly recommend!