Rethinking Lawn Care This Spring!

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We need to rethink lawn care in this country.  We have the mindset that having a bright green lawn, no weeds and no bugs is desirable.  Is having the "greenest" lawn in the neighborhood really worth risking your kids (or you) getting Cancer, Parkinson's, Kidney Disease, autoimmune, Autism or one of the many other diseases pesticides, chemicals and Roundup are linked to? 
Please, talk to your neighbors, talk to people in your community about the dangers and how to stop the use.  Are you aware if they use dangerous chemicals at your child's school?  At the park playground?  (just a hint, yes, they most probably do)

Anywhere your child is spending any time, you owe it to yourself the them to find out.  Knowledge is power - this is not one of those situations where ignorance is bliss.
Ignorance about Roundup is not bliss, it is damn dangerous for your health.

Spring feed wells and lawn chemicals do not mix.

You would not believe how many chemicals are used on these lawns.
(you would also not believe the Cancer & Parkinson's rate in the neighborhood)

Try These Tips & Sites - Take Charge and Start With Your Own Lawn & Neighborhood!

MOMS Organic Market has an excellent program -  Save The Dandelions and drop off your chemicals.   For more information, please check out their website. has an excellent website, absolutely full of organic lawn care tips that do not involve dangerous chemicals.

Feeling daring?  How about Growing Food, NOT Lawns?! For more information go to -  Grow Food, Not Lawns.

Skip the chemicals.  Enjoy your lawn.  Play and run barefoot!
Chemical Free Lawns are Happy Lawns!

Roundup Weedkiller is linked to Global Epidemic of Fatal Kidney Disease - among a myriad of other diseases.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

Target, Lowe's and Homedepot all sell Roundup - tell them NO.  I found this Roundup in the children's department at Target.  Yes, really.  Can you say "Sick Children?"

A few articles on Roundup - no way to post all here.

The Truth About Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup

Roundup, An Herbicide, Could Be Linked To Parkinson's, Cancer And Other Health Issues, Study Shows

Some other articles on Scotts (actually, there are too many to post - Google it!)

Scotts is Fined (12 million) for Poisoning Birds with Miracle Grow.

Get involved, take a stand - your children are worth it! 


BecHeflin said…
This is SUCH an important subject! I can't believe how lightly some people take it.