5 Ways To Find Your Happy! #Happiness

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I wrote a little bit about starting over and going through tough times and I wanted to write about finding your happiness.  There was a period in my life where I actually didn't know what made me happy.  I know it sounds silly, but I really could not have told you what my favorite color was, let alone what made me happy.  I know finding happiness when you have lots of money and live some where really cool might be easier to "find your happiness" - but no matter where you are and what your current financial situation is -  you can find what makes you happy.  Try new things, read about different cultures, meet new people, run, walk - get inspired and find it!

Here are some things that make me the happiest - try one and see if you don't find your happiness.

Play!  Play outside every single chance you get - whether you are hiking, walking in your neighborhood or playing at the beach.  Be outside!  It relieves stress and the fresh air  and it is good for you.

Cooking and Baking - I found my absolute love of food through baking and cooking.  My idea of baking used to be stirring together the egg and the packaged Betty Crocker cake mix. *gasp*  I have a huge pet peeve now - if it involves a package, it is NOT baking!   Try new foods, combinations, recipes and then create your own - real food is absolutely glorious!    Have you seen the Disney movie Ratatouille? I completely and utterly relate to the rat, Remy!  (there is something I thought I would never say)  Eat Well.  If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff! Well said, Remy!

Exercise!  Every. Single. Day.  Yes, I know you are busy.  I am busy.  Maybe too busy?  I would much rather be talking to you on Twitter, playing with my kids or baking but, we must make time for ourselves and do things that make us feel good and promote health and well-being - our kids are watching - let us be good examples.

EAT and Eat Well! Eat real food.  Organic food.  This obviously goes with my baking and cooking tip from above.  But when was the last time you closed your eyes and reveled in the taste of your dinner?  Watch Eat, Pray and Love, I know exactly what the main character, Liz, was talking about...  Real food is absolutely amazing and should be eaten every day.  Real food, not from a package, not full of toxic pesticides,  not from a drive through, but real food - real food is the key to happiness, you know.

Laugh  - Every Single Day!  I laugh more now than I can ever remember, since maybe when I was a kid?  Watch funny movies, find the humor in things, hang out with awesome (non stressful) people and laugh!  Be silly, stand on your head blow bubbles - whatever you gotta do to laugh - and laugh out loud!  Often.

Find things that make you happy and do them often!  Hiking, camping, traveling, playing, cooking, baking, Social Media (you have no idea!) and sun make me happy
 - blissfully happy!