Earth Day Everyday & What You Can Do! #EarthDay

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I have no idea why Earth Day is such a big thing?  People who otherwise make no effort in being green, buy an Earth Day tote bag and think they are good until next Earth Day.  Last time I checked Planet Earth is our only home and we live on it everyday.  We are all in this together.  We cannot rely on others to get things done and improve our air, water and food.  I think it is pretty obvious by now, that isn't going to happen.  Instead we have huge corporations running our food system, polluting our air and water.  And lest you decide to Tweet me and tell me it is a democrat or republican thing - neither one is doing much of  anything for the people (really, it seems to me, more for the big corporations).  

So what can you do?  Where you spend your money and what you buy, matters.  It really does.  Buycott foods full of pesticides, GMO and other harmful ingredients.  Look around, the Standard American Diet, is just that - SAD.  Obesity, Cancer, Food Allergies, Autoimmune (and other diseases) are at all time highs.  Don't wait for "others".  Where do YOU spend your money.  What are you feeding your kids (and yourself, you matter too).  Support organic farmers (Hint: if a farmer had to wear a hazmat to "grow" your food - you don't want it).  Buying and supporting organic food is the perfect start to making a difference that effects us all.

Please note, I have nothing against Earth Day totes.  I absolutely love totes, I like them all year around! ;)

Keep Calm, Read Labels and Eat Well! 

Happy Earth Day, Lovelies!