EIEIO: How Old MacDonald Got His Farm Picture Book Giveaway!

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I absolutely love EIEIO How Old MacDonald Got His Farm from Judy Sierra!  Matthew Myers does a wonderful job illustrating with colorful and expressive pictures - my little one is absolutely fascinated with them.   A truly inspired story of getting back to basics and real food - Old MacDonald, with the help from a brilliant hen, decides to grow food.  Real food, organic food instead of grass.  Bravo, Old MacDonald!  We need more people like Old MacDonald - more people growing real food without chemicals - farming the right way.  In my opinion, EIEIO How Old MacDonald Got His Farm is an instant classic and is my new go-to gift for kids.  Buy it or check it out at your local library, but don't miss this book!  

Once upon a time, Old MacDonald didn’t have a farm. He just had a yard -- a yard he didn’t want to mow. But under the direction of the wise (and ecologically sensitive) Little Red Hen, Mac learns to look at the environment in a very different way, and whole new worlds start to bloom with the help of some mud, garbage, horse poop, and worms! Judy Sierra’s spirited verse, paired with Matthew Myers’s exuberant illustrations, yields a fresh take on a children’s classic, complete with raised-bed gardens and an organic farmers’ market -- making this a perfect story for armchair gardeners and devoted locavores of all sizes.  - Candlewick

Neighbors protest to change - sound familiar? 

If you read little island studios often - you will know that this is my kind of book!  EIEIO How Old MacDonald Got His Farm With A Little Help From A Hen is absolutely perfect!

Candlewick Press is giving a hard cover copy away to celebrate Earth Day!  We are participating because food is more important than ever - organic, real food!   

If you cannot wait to have a copy of EIEIO How Old MacDonald Got His Farm, we don't blame you - Pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble or Amazon! (at a great price)  

Happy gardening lovelies and eat well!

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I received a review copy.  Opinions are my own. YES! Absolutely love this book and feel every kids (and mom) should have it or at the very least read it!  There are no affiliate links on this...just wanted to share!


Unknown said…
I would love to plant a veggie garden this year! I'm going to start small and work my way up! :)
Catherine said…
We've planted tomato and carrot seeds. They're coming up already - can't wait to plant them in the garden :)
DesiredOne said…
I always plant a garden. I can't handle not having fresh vegetables in the summer. It just makes sense to me to save money by growing my own.