Find Your Happy - The Ultimate Happy List! - Part 2

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A couple weeks ago I wrote about starting over, poverty and going through pretty awful times.  So, how do you find yourself again and your happiness after going through something like that?   Sometimes you have to focus on happy.  Purposefully create and inspire to find your happiness.  It is not gone - you just have to find it.  Here are my 5 Ways to Find Your Happy. (Part 1)  Check out some of these other great ideas - start with one and start working your way through them until you feel yourself coming out from beneath the cloud.  You know...the cloud of forgetting what exactly happy is.  Perhaps thinking you may never have it again?  Sometimes it doesn't just show up, you have to go out and get it! 

My Dean & DeLuca cafe mug, fair trade, organic coffee and fresh fruit - my morning happiness!

                                                      Where do you find your happy?

The Ultimate Get Happy List!


Go to the Ocean Side
Watch a Movie (that makes you smile)
Make Your Little One Giggle
Read a Foodie Magazine & Learn Something New
Go to a National Park
Take a Road Trip Some Where New
Have a Picnic (even in your front lawn)
Plant a Garden (organic and non GMO, of course)
Grow basil on your Kitchen Window-Sill
Row a Boat
Jump Up and Down on the Couch (if you fall off, not my fault)
Take a Surf Lesson
Kiss your spouse / partner
Read The Sweet Life in Paris (witty, fun and funny, inspiring & starting over)
Eat Organic Chocolate Ice Cream with Ceylon Cinnamon sprinkled on top
Paint your toes bright blue
Sign up for a Baking Class

Sing Loudly Whilst Watching Mamma Mia (preferably the songs Dancing Queen & Does Your Mother Know - it helps to jump on the bed, wearing a feather boa  & use your hair brush as a microphone - just saying)

Paint a room in your house a bright happy color (don't ask your partner's opinion on the color, just do it - it'll be fun!)

Read My Life In France by Julia Child (she did not find her passion until late 30s!)

Play Hungry Hungry Hippos

What makes you happy?

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