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Today's post and giveaway is sponsored by Maxim Hygiene Products!

Perhaps you have never thought of your feminine products and whether or not they are safe.  Are they full of pesticides and dangerous chemicals?  But, I guarantee you, when you have a teen think about these things.  However, don't wait until your little one gets older - YOUR health matters.  Maxim Hygiene makes organic cotton tampons and other organic cotton products - without synthetic pesticides.   Maxim Hygiene has excellent products.  And as they say at Maxim - Your Period is Natural. What About Your Tampons & Pads?    If you are one of our dad readers, please don't stop reading - ask your wife if she knows of the toxins in personal care products? A father and daughter started Maxim Hygiene together.   It matters for her and your daughter(s).

Maxim Product Benefits & Features:

Natural Cotton and Cotton with Synthetics are NOT the same!

Other brands use Chlorine to bleach the raw materials contained in standard feminine hygiene products. The purpose of bleaching is to disinfect and whiten the color of these materials. Dioxin is a chemical substance or resulting residue of the Chlorine bleaching process. It can stay within the fluff fibers of the product materials that come in contact with your body, leading to prolonged exposure to this toxic carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).

                    Dioxins in your feminine care products?  This is  NOT good! 
For more information on why you should use safer hygiene products (as if you needed more reasons?)  Please check out Maxim Hygiene's website!

Maxim Hygiene is giving away a $25 Gift Card to their site and 5 winner's will receive a sample pack! 

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This post is sponsored by Maxim Hygiene products.  Opinions are my own.  I want to bring awareness to other moms to protect themselves and their daughters!  


Unknown said…
Yargh! I didn't know tampons left residue. Bleached residue! Ick.
Unknown said…
I didn't know what a dioxin was. I found the video very informative!
Unknown said…
Who knew being a woman could be so complicated?
Unknown said…
I know, Dianne! So much to think and worry about!