Netflix For Classic Family Fun & Giveaway! #StreamTeam #spon

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Netflix is celebrating classic TV this month and we are celebrating with a 3 month subscription giveaway!  Check out some of our most favorite classic TV fun for littles!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an all-time classic - for boys and girls Winnie the Pooh is absolutely magical and one of my family's most favorites! 

   Strawberry Shortcake is my little one's newest Netflix's discoveries - absolutely loves it!  The colorful land and characters - totally age appropriate and nothing scary.  A hit in my opinion -  I do not see Strawberry Shortcake as a "girl" thing - we all just love it!

    Curious George is such a curious monkey and absolutely a favorite for us!  Little one has a  George Monkey he carries everywhere (and travels with!)

Care Bears Movie we haven't seen in this in years!  Little one picked out the shorter episodes and has very much enjoyed  those - so this is on our must see travel TV list!

Sesame Classics are so absolutely lovely and so fun that the little ones in them are all grown up now! 

For mom and dad - Family Ties!  Did you watch it?  
Was it one of your most favorites?
It still is absolutely fabulous - don't you wish TV was still like the classics?

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks?  Have you made them with your kids?  Check out this fun craft from Netflix!   This is a fabulous Shrinky Dinks starter book and comes with 6 sheets - HERE! (no affiliate links)

Netflix is giving away a 3 month subscription!  Good luck!

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                                                                                   Little Island Studios is happy to be a part of Netflix's Stream Team!  Opinions are my own.  I have happily had Netflix for years, long before blogging.  


618mom said…
Love love love love love the Walking Dead!
Unknown said…
Twilight Zone. No, it's not kid appropriate. Although, I really liked it when I was about 9 years old. :-)
steve weber said…
I would go with Step by Step or Full House.
Unknown said…
My family loves watching Alf!
Elle said…
I love Family Ties and The Facts of Life.
adagherkin said…
Oh gosh... the Addams Family?
Angela said…
I like Gilligan's Island.
Alvina Castro said…
loves gi jones, smurfs, care bears and sooo mnay more. power rangers!