Summer Beach Bag Necessities for Kids!

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Summer is almost here and depending on where you live, summer weather may already be here!   Before you head to the coast this summer - check out what is in our totes for kids!  These are our favorites, this is not a sponsored post.

Our Favorite Totes:

Canvas Utility Tote from Honest Co. - Absolutely love this tote, very sturdy, short handles & one long handle, washes like a dream, made in India and no harsh chemicals!  It is $16 or if you have a subscription it comes out to be like $12!

LL Bean Utility Tote - treat yourself to one of these classic totes - they hold absolutely everything!  I have a large and it is perfect for the beach or car tote for movies and other travel necessities.  Please note: the extra-large is huge and if you fill it, you have to carry it! 

Beatrix has an adorable kid sized backpacks that to be honest, I use more than my little one does.  Not that my kiddo doesn't like it - I just grab it first.  I put key, phone, glasses and other small things I don't want in my big totes and throw one strap on my shoulder.  I've actually had people stop me and say how much they like it.  I'm not sure if they realized it is my kid's?  

Water Bottles - Skip the Plastic Water Bottles!  

The beach is no place for plastic.  Between litter issues and plastic heating up and chemicals getting into your water - plastic is a no no - try stainless steel or glass bottle they are perfect.

Klean Kanteens are stainless steel, come in fabulous colors and no BPA or other nasties leaching into your water.  

Life Factory Glass Bottles are great and we use them often, they just don't keep your water cold long.  

Making blankie forts at the beach is fun!

iPlay Muslin Blankie - We saw this bright blue one at Whole Foods on our trip to Charleston, South Carolina from iPlay (I have worked with iPlay in the past and know their products to be top-notch) and absolutely loved it!  It is the perfect thickness - not too thin or thick.  It is excellent for summer - we use it as a cover-up, towel, impromptu makeshift fort and I actually used it as a sarong - looked fantastic.  We like it so much, I'm picking more up colors on my next trip! 

Our Favorite Sunscreens - 

There is no need to bake in chemicals at the beach.  There are plenty of organic and safe products available!  I look for reef safe, non-nano, organic or all of the above.

Badger Brands - I have absolutely loved every Badger product I've ever tried  and their sunscreen is no exception.  Their sunscreen for kids is a white cream and goes on a bit thick - works wonderfully.  Also, if you can find their sunscreen stick for faces it works great.  I lost mine, so I had to buy another brand.

True Natural is vegan, mineral based, gluten-free and non-nano sunscreen. It is a cream but isn't thick and doesn't stay white - I use this for myself and am very pleased with it.

I have been looking for a organic spray sunscreen and tried a brand (I won't name names) but it came out in splotches and white - was not happy.  I found this spray from Kiss My Face - comes out sheer, air powered - it is not organic - but has no parabens, fragrances or propellants - it works great.  

I couldn't find my Badger Face Stick and was no where to be found whilst traveling, so I picked up a Baby Burt stick from Burts Bees and it works great. 

Moms, before you use sunscreens full of chemicals on your littles - try one of these (or another organic / non toxic ) brand.  As with everything these days - read labels!

Don't forget!

Snacks that travel well - we like GoGo Squeeze (non GMO and super easy to take along)

Plum Organic Pouches are excellent for kids and a huge hit at our house - throw in the freezer an hour before you head out to the beach and voila - icy refreshing snack!

Beach pail and toys - playing in the sand can be fascinating - just don't forget to check around and bring home everything.  I am always finding toys that were left, the ocean has enough trash and plastic.

A small bottle of vinegar - It is jellyfish season and with pollution, water run off and over fishing of their predators, they can sometimes be in abundance  - you may just  find yourself "taking on the jellies" (if you don't know what movie that is from, ask your little one).  Don't let that stop you from having fun, the ocean is their home and we are playing in it.  Bring vinegar, just in case.

Bring a little bag or container for "treasures" your kids find at the beach!  Don't forget to check shells for any sea life  - through back if it's someones house! :)

Sheet or large towels to sit on.

For Moms

iPod for music and camera - skip the texting and social media - you are on vacation, don't miss it, enjoy it!

Magazine or book (I've been reading My Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz...again)

These are some of our favorite beach things.  Happy summer to you and don't forget to play with your kids at the beach!

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The Beatrix kid's backpack was sponsored for a project over a year ago and is no way sponsored for this post or any future posts.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  I put links so you could find our favorites - not to profit. :)