Coconut Cream Strawberry Parfaits!

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Summer weather is already here in full force and strawberries make the perfect summer treat after a hot day of playing!   If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know what hit this treat was a few weeks ago!  This coconut strawberry parfait, may just be the easiest dessert you make all summer - and the most delicious.  The night before you make this put your coconut milk in the fridge.

Take approximately two cups of fresh organic strawberries and take the leaves off.  
Slice and set aside.
Crumble about 4 graham crackers finely.
Take your carton (11 oz) of coconut milk and squeeze in your mixer bowl.
Whip on high speed until fluffy.  Then stop - do not over mix.
Gently add in 3 teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon and 1 teas of nutmeg.

Take your jars or bowls add a heaping tablespoon of strawberries.
Then same amount for whipped coconut cream.
Add just a touch of graham for a little crunch.
Back to a spoon of strawberries and so-forth, until you reach the top.
Sprinkle a bit of graham crackers and even a touch of cinnamon.
Absolutely the perfect summer dessert, with no added sugar.

Enjoy the easiest summer treat - ever! 

My Notes:

I always buy organic strawberries!  I do my best to keep pesticides away from my family.
I always use organic and/or Non GMO ingredients.  Organic is automatically non GMO, if you are new to food education.
I use Erewhon Organic Honey Grahams from Attune Foods. (great company)
I used small Weck Jars for this - they are kid sized, come with lids and store fabulously in fridge until ready!

This is in no way a sponsored post from any of these companies.  I purchased all ingredients.  These are products and companies I trust as a mom and would not recommend - sponsored or not, if I didn't approve!


Stacy L. said…
These look so good! I like that they are a healthy, pretty dessert too! I can't wait to try them!
I really want to try these! They are so colorful and delicious looking!
Mamabelly said…
Love this recipe! I must try this next week! Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Visiting from the Create & Share Recipe & DIY Party! Looks yummy :D Thanks for sharing!