Sorghum & Tuna with Roasted Carrots & Fresh Ginger!

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We made this Sorghum and tuna with roasted carrots with fresh spices the other night and it was absolutely amazing!  If you are looking for something new in the weekly dinner round-up - this is it! 


Carrots - we used a 1 pound bag
Freshly grated Ginger - 1 tablespoon
fresh ground Pepper
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
2 teas of Black Sesame Seeds
Olive Oil

2 cans of pole caught Tuna (not all tuna is the same)
Sorghum - 1 cup according to directions

Cooking - 

Right away put your Sorghum on the stove according to directions.  It takes a while to cook.
While your Sorghum is cooking.  Rinse, Peel and Slice your carrots.
Grate your fresh ginger - feel free to use extra, it's completely awesome!

Top with fresh ginger, black pepper, Himalayan sea salt and black sesame seeds and add olive oil generously.   Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.

When the carrots are done, keep warm until the Sorghum is ready.
When the Sorghum is done cooking add 2 cans of tuna and stir.
Top with your roasted carrots and enjoy!

For an extra treat have some popped sorghum for dessert - like tiny non GMO popcorn!
Add some cinnamon, cocoa and butter for a delicious treat!

My Notes:

Sorghum is a spectacular and hearty dinner.  Everyone is my family absolutely loved it and asked for it again!  

I buy pole caught tuna in water - sustainable and not damaging to the oceans.

I use Bob's Red Mill Sorghum - they sent me a bag to try a while ago and I am hooked.  It's all I buy now!

I can rarely find organic popcorn to make. (it is the number one GMO crop, therefore I absolutely avoid!)  Popped tiny sorghum is such fun substitute and in my opinion, better!

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This is not a sponsored post.  Eat well, Lovelies!


Unknown said…
I would like to suggest a Tablespoon of honey to your carrots. Mmmmm