Veggie Amaranth Fritters & Greek Yogurt Chia Sauce! #spon

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Today's post is sponsored by Stonyfield Organics and Bob's Red Mills!

You are in for a treat with these veggie fritters using amaranth grains!  Something different for your family and absolutely delicious!  Veggie fritters were a devoured from the toddler, teen and myself and a lovely neighbor that could smell the deliciousness cooking and stopped by!  There is always enough for everyone!  These are also a hit on Instagram! 

Add this Stonyfield Greek Yogurt Chia Sauce and some fresh fruit 
and you have the perfect meal! 

Ingredients - 

1 Cup of Bob's Red Mill Amaranth Grain

Olive Oil
Bag of frozen Corn
Bag of frozen peas
Sea Salt (I love pink Himalayan)
1 Tablespoon of Nigella
2 Teaspoons of Black Sesame Seeds
3 Teas of Chia Seeds

2 Eggs
2 heaping Tbs. Hemp Seeds
3 Tbs. of Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour (Sprouted Spelt is wonderful too)

Greek Yogurt Chia Sauce - 

1 Tbs. of Ketchup (organic or non GMO)
3/4 Organic Stonyfield Greek Yogurt
2 Teas of Chia Seeds
Sea Salt ( one crank should do)
Pepper (one crank or to taste)

Make the Bob's Red Mill Amaranth according to package.  Making 1 cup. (you will have loads left over or make a double batch)
While that is cooking, saute a bag of frozen organic corn and peas. Saute with olive oil, add in chia seeds, nigella, pepper and sea salt.  Taste it.  Add a bit more sea salt and pepper, if needed.  Set aside to cool down a bit.   The corn, peas and spices are absolutely amazing and I must warn you - you will want to eat it alone.  Just wait!
When the amaranth is done, set aside to cool down a bit.
When both dishes have cooled down just a bit (about 5 minutes cooling off is fine)

Add to a stand mixing bowl - add in two cups of the cooked amaranth (you will have a bunch left over in the pan for another dish or just make a double dish of this)

Add in two cups of the cooked peas and corn spice mixture.
Add two eggs.
Add 2 heaping tbs. of hemp seeds
Add 3 Tbs. of sprouted whole wheat flour (spelt is great too)

Mix until blended.

Heat skillet to medium heat.
Add olive oil then drops of batter.
Flip when ready (about 3 minutes) and cook other side.
Place on warm plate in the oven.

Enjoy hot!  
And if you have any left over, then are spectacular cold too!

My Notes - 

I use organic and/or non GMO products.  If a food is organic it does not have GMOs and if it is fair trade - it is not GMO.  Please educate yourself on food, it is constantly changing and it is incredibly important for our children's future health.

I am in no way suggesting ketchup is "healthy" - it is an easy ingredient that most moms happen to have in their fridge and put with organic greek yogurt it can make a simple dip quickly.  I absolutely recommend to read the ingredients of your ketchup.  I only use organic ketchup or Sir Kensington's Ketchup - it is fabulous and non GMO. (a bit expensive, so I only buy on sale)

Whether you use Stonyfield Organic yogurts or not, please buy organic dairy.  When the cows eat GMO feed - you eat it!  And not to mention the treatment of the animals - factory farmed.  Food matters.  Eat Well.

I use One Degree Organic Sprouted Flours

Corn is the largest GMO crop and I completely AVOID unless I can find organic.  I can usually find organic frozen corn in the market.


We are giving away Stonyfield Organic Coupons and Bob's Red Mill coupons for you to try yourself!  Enjoy! 

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