Summer Traveling Tips, Family Fun & Disney Movies Anywhere! #DisneyMoviesAnywhere #spon

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Moms, we are talking travel tips for families and the Disney Movies Anywhere app - available for free on iTunes - and right now they have a free copy of Pixar's The Incredibles! Yes, please! (Jack Jack seems super familiar, like someone I know ;)

I travel. Often!   When you are traveling with kids you learn very quickly that there are things that work well and things that do not.  Like healthy food options along the road are few and far between.  Here are some of my go-to suggestions when traveling with kids that work for families with all ages.

 Yes, I am that person who carries organic fair trade tea & asks for hot water to make my own. *sigh* And somewhat of a slob when I travel?

Travel Tips:

Bring snacks. Bring a lot of snacks!  Washed apples, organic squeezes, healthy energy bars (no sugar), almond butter sandwiches - cut into kid sized pieces, medjool dates, raisins and other healthy choices.   Don't forget to bring tea bags or coffee singles for yourself. 

Don't forget the water! Skip the plastic to avoid it sitting in the hot summer sun whilst driving.

Bring wipes and a jug of extra water. (in case someone gets car sick and you have to stop along the highway and wash little one off. )

Bring activity books - for little one, board books with tabs and look-and-find fun gives kids something fun to do and discuss while driving. 

We always stop every couple hours at the far (non-busy) end of the area stops -  we get out and run, jump and yoga stretches!  Laughing and talking together about where you are going, helps keep them excited and involved.

No worries, this pic was before the Disney Movies!

No matter how many activities you pack, driving does get boring and honestly;  there is nothing better than to save the best for last - Disney Movies!  I have a tote full of Disney Movies I travel with and they work every time and for every age group!  I think the new Disney Movies Anywhere is absolutely the perfect travel accessory for travel moms.  Hands down!  Super easy app lets me get new movies directly through the app or when I redeem my Disney digital copies, I can stream or download and have access to them all the time!  Pre-ordering, access to exclusive Disney content, parental controls and Disney Movie Rewards are all part of Disney Movies Anywhere!

 Hint: Don't forget a travel recharger for your iPod.

Traveling as a family is a bit more work and effort, but always worth it.  Travel every single time you get the chance - explore, see and show your children the great big wonderful world out there! 

To celebrate the launch of Disney Movies Anywhere, a new Pixar movie will be released each week at the special price of $14.99 (regular $19.99) for a limited time.   Each week Disney Movies Anywhere will have an exclusive video clip for the movie being released that you can publish and promote in your article.   

Brave is one of our most favorite movies and if you have a teen daughter - you know why!  Here are some fun facts about Brave!  Enjoy!

Whether it’s a entering a code from a DVD/Blu-ray purchase or an iTunes digital download, your Disney library is now everywhere you are, anywhere you are, and instantly accessible with or without an internet connection on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Apple TV).
Don't let your trip be boring. Be prepared with snacks, activities and Disney Movies Anywhere and enjoy the ride

If you travel for longer periods - bring your kitchen must-haves, creative toys, books, iPod for Disney Movies & don't forget the stroller!

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