Zoku Fish Pops & Finding Nemo Movie Night! #Zoku #spon

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We are so very pleased today's post is sponsored by Zoku Ice Pops

Well, if you follow little island studios on Instagram you know we have been having so much fun this summer with Zoku Ice Pops and think the new Fish Pops are absolutely brilliant!  I love making my own ice pops and I have made them for years.  You choose the ingredients, so making your own is so much healthier and definitely less expensive.

A summer movie night can be so easy and fun with just a tiny bit of effort.  Watching Finding Nemo in fishy jammies and eating sardine dip and having Zoku Fish Pops for movie snacks, makes the kids laugh and we absolutely love it!  

We love Stonyfield Vanilla Yogurt and chopped fresh strawberries!  Zoku Fish Pops are not the instant freeze, but they are very small and do not take long at all.  I love to pour organic orange juice in them and the kids eat them for breakfast or snacks the next morning!  The Zoku Fish Pops have different tails for every space, they have a shape code on the top of each one.  When the liquid is poured, you know which tail goes with each mold.
It is a bit time consuming to add letters to your ice pops, but easy to do and my kids love it!

We are giving away a set of Zoku Fish Pops!  

I bought mine at Sur la Table and bought some of my other Zoku products at Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and Amazon.  I have loved absolutely everything!  A popular discussion on Instagram this summer has been - what to start with, if you don't have any Zoku Ice Pop products.  I would start with a single ice pop instant mold or if you want something that makes your kids laugh out loud - these Fish Pops will do swimmingly! ;)

Before your movie starts - 
roll a huge roll of paper on the floor and let your kids paint under the sea!

US only and prize is shipped by company.  We are not responsible for shipping or product.

Zoku provided with me with a two ice pop mold.  It was probably the only thing I didn't own! Opinions are my own and if you follow me on Instagram, you already know I was a fan far before this post.  


Mami2jcn said…
I've never made my own ice pops but I'd love to try!
Cassie Eastman said…
We do occasionaly! I usually use greek yogurt, blueberries and strawberries in ours!
Unknown said…
I love these molds, and I have been wanting to buy some ever since I saw your post. Fingers crossed.
Unknown said…
We haven't ever made them. I am definitely going to start now!
Unknown said…
We make our own! We love to use yogurt! Sometimes we go crazy & do raspberries with ginger ale ;)
DesiredOne said…
I have with ice cube trays. I made a strawberry with bits of strawberries in it and a banana one before.
Shelley said…
Use to make chocolate pudding ice pops... would love to try making them again!