Spectacular & Seaworthy Sardine Spread!

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This recipe is absolutely inspired by and adapted by David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen cookbook!  Both the cookbook and his recipe are amazing.

So, this is for my lovely moms on Instagram - you have asked (over and over) for this recipe, probably because of the sheer amount I eat it?  Here it is - Spectacular Seaworthy Sardine Spread (I have no idea what that actually means, it just sounded super cool and there are only so many fitting "S" words. Although "Super" would be good too) that is absolutely delicious and the perfect go-to party food, Friday night movie night food or Saturday soak up the sun food!  Either way it is one of my most favorite dishes.  I first made it from David Lebovitz's recipe from his new cookbook, My Paris Kitchen.  I cannot recommend the cookbook more - between the recipes and his stories My Paris Kitchen is absolutely one of my most favorites and yes, it travels with me!  And no, this is not sponsored, I bought my cookbook.  Go buy your own, it's completely awesome! 

Spectacular & Seaworthy Sardine Spread!

1/2 package of organic cream cheese
1 finely (and I do mean finely) fresh chopped garlic clove (please don't use the jar stuff)
1/2 lemon juice
1 small jar of capers - drained
pink Himalayan sea salt to taste (I use about 3 twists of it)
fresh ground pepper - your choice, I love it, go nuts!
2 heaping tbs of red onion finely chopped
2 scallions - chopped fine
dash of olive oil 
2 cans sardines - slice down the middle and take the bones out
1/2 heaping cup of Organic Greek Yogurt - (add more if you want creamier - sometimes I use 3/4) - just wing it...it's awesome! And I use Stonyfield Greek Yogurt (organic & no sugar)

Mix well with hand mixer! Gets quite fluffy and it is absolutely delish! 

Enjoy, Lovelies! 

Add some heirloom tomatoes on some sprouted toasties!

I highly recommend My Paris Kitchen and My Sweet Life in Paris, which is not a cookbook but a collection of stories that I find absolutely endearing with a few recipes - like Lemon Madelines that are divine.

I am adapting this recipe - 
I looked up recipe attribution and David Lebovitz actually wrote this -  http://foodblogalliance.com/a/recipe-attribution/