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We are absolutely thrilled for today's post and giveaway to be sponsored by Manduka Yoga! Yay! 

If you follow little island studios on Instagram you will know that I have been practicing yoga this summer in Baltimore at Charm City Yoga (where they have the best teachers in Baltimore!) and I have also been beyond thrilled with everything Manduka!  I have bought multiple Manduka products at Athleta and I am always so impressed, then Manduka let me try out their new LiveON recycled yoga mat for kids and yes - awesomeness!

Little one is all about yoga and thinks downward dog is hysterical and wants new hippie kitty to practice yoga too!  Instead of hippie kitty, we'll call him yoga kitty.

Perhaps we need to work on chair pose some more? Starting kids early in their yoga practice helps them stay healthy and is a huge stress reliever (even at this age).  
Yoga with kids can be such a great connecting activity.

Yoga is an on going practice ;)  And little one apparently thought a chair was a fun idea? LOL

Check out these little yogis talking about the benefits of yoga - LOVE IT! 

Need some inspiration, tips and a few laughs?  
You will love our Yoga Gear and Tips for Beginners guide on eBay!  
(yes, eBay has guides ;)

Please note - the Go Steady Yoga Bag is absolutely amazing, just like all of Manduka's gear - it's the perfect and the Sandals are dreamy!

We are giving away a LiveON Kids Yoga Mat & an Adult Yoga Mat 

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This is a sponsored post.  Opinions are my own - I have been absolutely thrilled with every single Manduka product I have (the ones sponsored and not)


Unknown said…
I love the benefits of Yoga and hope I win the Giveaway!
Unknown said…
I think the yoga chair move should only be attepmted by advanced little yogis. :-) My 5lb Maltese things yoga time is dog-petting time. It's hard to get in a workout when a tiny dog is trying to sit in my lap or roll in my hair.
Unknown said…
I practice alone. Well, except when the dog tries to join me.
Unknown said…
I've tried to get my son into yoga but, he finds it slow and boring. Honestly, I like the alone time.
Unknown said…
I love yoga! I did prenatal yoga and mommy and me yoga! It's so fun and so relaxing!
Unknown said…
I tried a new routine the other day. I pulled my arm muscles. I'm guessing it was user error.
Unknown said…
I find that doing yoga helps with seasonal asthma. The better instructors/videos talk about proper position and breathing techniques.
Unknown said…
Do you do yoga with a video or do you practice your favorite moves every morning?