OluKai's Walk Story: Honoring The Past & Defining The Future!

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This is not a sponsored post.  I am a huge fan of OluKai & completely love their new video series - Walk Story.

Honor The Past. Define The Future. Walk Story.

We are in a cultural decline in America and it is affecting us all.   The problem of not knowing where you are from "culturally", is that, you don't know how to move forward in the future.    

Who are we?  

I am a fan of OluKai shoe company, more than shoes it is a way of life.  OluKai is honoring  people that are making a difference, in a new video series called Walk Story!

This video is Ekolu Lindsey, whom I find to be incredibly inspiring.  Please take a second to watch!   In this video, Ekolu Lindsey talks about the importance of protecting the land.  When we protect the land, we are taking care of ourselves.  If we forget to take care of the land, we forget to take care of ourselves.  

There are those who lead by simply doing. Those who do not stray from challenging paths– who inspire others to follow despite the obstacles. For them, work is more important than mere words, and kuleana (responsibility) to generations past and to those yet arrived is a guiding light. - Ekolu Lindsey

                                            Also Featured In Walk Story
Paula Fuga is a cultural voice who followed her dream to inspire others.
Keone Nunes - Master Tatooist 
Ka‘iulani Murphy and Nainoa Thompson - Wayfinder and Student Navigator

It started as a different approach to a footwear company. We wanted to create footwear that combines durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship. 

- OluKai

                                      For more information about Walk Story, please check out OluKai's website.