5 Food Documentaries That Will Change Your Life! #BeWell

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There are so many food documentaries available to watch these days and the makers are to be commended!  There has never been a bigger need for food education.  Our country is in poor health - Cancer rates are absolutely outrageous and between the massive pesticide use, chemicals added to our already processed food, water full of fluoride and the fracking going on...it's no wonder.  What will we tell our children?  We were too busy watching TV commercials and playing on our iPhones?  How about skipping a night of regular TV and watching a food documentary.  These are some of our favorites - very well-done, uplifting and life-changing!  Making changes and getting involved and even just making different choices at the market are completely inspiring!   We can make a difference for our kids!

Food Inc.    (free on Netflix)
This is the first one I watched years ago and it completely changed my life.  
Please take the time to watch and see what it does for you! 
Food Awakenings.

Fed Up on Amazon (for rent or buy)
Fed Up just came out by Katie Couric and is waking people up to the 
food system - we are addicted to sugar and there is sugar in everything.

A stellar cast of experts speaking and educating!

An upbeat documentary on seasonal and local food movement!

When you have watched the other documentaries and you want to delve deeper.
When you really want to know.  Then you can graduate to this one - GMO OMG.

The rabbit hole goes deep in the food system and it's not pretty.  
The big food industry's job is making money and lots of it.
Your job is to keep your kids healthy.
For your kid's healthy future.

Happy Food Educating!

We can and we must change things for our children.

Absolutely none of this is sponsored.  Rent or buy or borrow a friend's copy, watch together, as long as you watch and are aware.  There are no affiliate links on this post!