5 Lessons Learnt From Disney's Maleficent! #Maleficent #spon

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Holy Wow!  I had heard nothing but fabulous things about the new Disney's Maleficent and after seeing the movie on blu-ray this week, I can say - they were right!  Angelina Jolie absolutely shines as my favorite evil villain.  Is she really a villain though?  I should say not! Here are some lessons I thought poignant to mention.  If you have not seen yet, this may  spoil it?  Or perhaps just make you want to see it more?!

5 Lessons to Be Learnt from Maleficent

Never betray your love.  This should be a common sense thing, but apparently not to everyone?

Forgiveness is beautiful and healing.  Forgiveness was never meant for the other person.  Forgiveness is for our own well-being.  

Vengeance and Revenge is simply horrible for your health and quite frankly, your skin. ;)  The king (both of them in the movie) are key examples of this.  Be kind to your skin...lose the revengeful self.

There are always two side to every single story.  Throughout history and even daily, we hear one side and rarely hear the other side. (and usually the losers side) Maleficent is prime example of the importance of knowing both sides before you form an opinion about a story, side or cause).   Knowledge is key.

Women are capable of great passion, love, forgiveness and beauty.   Simply put - women are powerful and I think it's time we start ruling things men have clearly mucked up. (yes, I know a few women that have clearly lost or never had this beauty...but the vast majority of us are absolutely amazing!) 

Maleficent is the perfect example of forgiveness, healing, power and love.

Maleficent comes to Blu-Ray on November 4th.  The movie is about 97 minutes. (I could have watched that twice!)

Another thing about the movie?  If you didn't just love Angelina Jolie before...you will after this movie! 

Yes, this is a sponsored post.  Opinions are mine.  Completely loved the movie and it is going on my holiday gift guide list!  Enjoy!