Celebrating Mini Milestones On Netflix! #StreamTeam #spon

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We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of Netflix's Stream Team! Yay! Goooo Netflix!

Moms, are all about mini-milestones because when you have kids - absolutely everything is new and a first!  Netflix is celebrating mini-milestones with moms and have such fabulously fun options for little ones, big kids and moms themselves! 

The Hive on Netflix!  Lovely British bees, what's not to like?! (I think I would watch this even if I didn't have little ones!)

Arthur has been a family favorite since my oldest was little. My how times flies! 

Have a teenage daughter?  Try The Croods for your next family movie night! 

Wholesome family fun? Yes! It still exists in TV shows and we just love 
With mom, dad and kids having fun and showing kindness to each other...even when it's hectic - yes, it's a winner!

What To Expect When You're Expecting.  Have you seen it?  If this movie doesn't make you laugh-out-loud, I"m not sure we have anything in common?!  Seriously.

I have not had time to watch too many episodes of Parenthood  (I'm still on season one) but, I completely love the cast and different types of families - family doesn't look the same for everyone!

Celebrate your little one's mini-milestones with mini-treats for them!

    This is a sponsored post with Netflix. I am part of the StreamTeam.  Opinions are my own - I have been a Netflix subscriber LONG before social media and absolutely love. 


Unknown said…
I love me some Netflix. I've been watching documentaries and rediscovering old favorites. Have you tried your chocolate dip with pumpkin? I'm not sure of the proportions, I made it a few years ago.