Design An Eco-Friendly Playroom!

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Childhood should always be magical, kids need their own play space too.  A gorgeous play space can be created on any budget, but should always be as eco-friendly as possible.   Between our food, toys and everyday household products, kids today are bombarded with toxins from birth.   I go for the least amount of plastics and synthetic toys that I feasibly can and always use natural cleaners. 

The room is painted with Mythic Paint and is by far, albiet pricier than 'regular' paint, my most favorite paint.  The chalk paint is not Mythic.

Inspire nature with a tree painted (with eco-friendly paint) bringing calmness to the playroom.
The toddler bed made with re-claimed wood and painted with Mythic paints makes this the perfect toddler bed and converts to a train table when little one graduates to a big bed.

All book racks are handmade from re-claimed wood and painted with eco-friendly paint.

Book walls are one of my most favorite necessity for children's rooms.  Picture books bring inspiring and creative artwork to play rooms and at the same time inspire kids to read! 
Switch the books out on a regular basis - seasonal is great!

A play kitchen are a must for boys and girls and this one from Hape Toys has gotten hours upon hours of play and still going!  We have added the fridge and market stand and all are favorites!
Kitchen is eco-friendly wood with water based paints.   I am a huge Hape fan and highly recommend their toys.

The rug is actually a sturdy picnic blanket that is easily washed and brings warmth to the hardwood floors.   I am not a fan of carpets - full of toxins.   Swing is from Haba Toys and it is completely dreamy, especially on long winter days when it's too cold and wet to be outside swinging!

Room Details:

Mythic Paint - Zero Toxins (goes on like a dream)

Orange Bins, Planets in Space, Curtains and Bean Bag is from Land of Nod and I highly recommend both.  I have used for years and they wash and wear outstanding!

The Bedding is Birch Organic Fabrics and hand sewn into a duvet and pillow case.

The toddler sized pillow is from Woolly Boo and is wool and naturally hypoallergenic, flame retardant, mold and mildew resistant and chemical free - absolutely love it!

Back Pack - Hippo is from iPlay - no nasties it is a huge favorite

Bear Back Pack is from Beatrix NYC PVC free, lead free, phthalate free & BPA free

Play Room Tips:

Not everything in the playroom is completely organic or eco-friendly, do what you can to keep toxins out of playrooms (and homes).   I am not big on too many plastic toys.  I buy organic sheets, which are running more and more affordable (the organic sheets at Target are spectacular!).   I use basic vinegar and/or very eco-friendly cleaners in my entire house, not just in the playroom.  I see NO reason for toxic cleaners. Ever.

Re-Purpose containers and bins whenever possible.  When re-doing a room in the house, look to the rest of your place and see if you want to just change things around.  Buying new is not always necessary.  

Art Line and Book Ledges can make all the difference for you and your kids. 

I recommend, buy and use - Hape Toys Haba Toys,  Janod,  Plan Toys and Djeco Toys and Puzzles.

 Inspire kids to read, create and dream!

Avoid "theming" a room - kids are always changing (that's a good thing) and a room filled with the latest Disney character isn't going to last long with their interests and isn't going to allow room to grow.  

Metal sheets from the local hardware store are not expensive and absolutely excellent for magnet walls - no need to even paint them!

Ikea has excellent basic inexpensive, non-painted bed frames with zero to very little toxins that are our favorites when we can't make our own bed frames. 

I am currently working on two new playrooms, so join in the adventures on Instagram!

When pinning to Pinterest, please link back to this post.  Do not take pictures without written consent.   All work was done by myself.   Just a few of the smaller room items were sponsored for previous projects, however, I have had for quite some time and do not consider this, in any way a "sponsored" post.  Opinions are my own. I highly recommend, as a mom every product in the room.


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You did a great job with the playroom.