Getting Rid Of Thanksgiving: Family or Shopping?

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I honestly cannot believe I need to post this.  Please explain the point of Thanksgiving, taking the day off and the "excitement" (for some) of Black Friday if the stores are open ON  Thanksgiving?!  Only in America would we take a day reserved for having gratitude and thankfulness and turn it into yet another "hey let's go buy all the things" day. *sigh*  You are the mom.  You are making lasting memories and shaping your children's future.  Spend the day unpluggedhaving fun, eating, laughing!  Your kids will thank you!   Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and abundant blessings.  We will not be participating in shopping nor social media on Thanksgiving - other than Instagram sharing food and family fun.  Please join us - little island studios! 

Here are some stores that are refusing to open on Thanksgiving and quite frankly, we just put them at the top of our shopping go-to stores!  Also, Chipotle is not open - love it!