Quinoa Pasta, Nigella & Veggies! #Recipe

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We are absolutely loving this - Quinoa Pasta, Heirloom Carrots, Red Palm Oil, Kale, Peas, Nigella, Sea Salt, Pepper & Balsamic Vinegar - and it a super easy go-to dinner!  Bon appetite!
If you follow little island studios on Instagram you already know this is completely awesome and one of our new favorites!  In an effort to eat less wheat, I have found quinoa pasta to be delicious - Non-GMO and organic it is a pasta I feel good about giving my family.

I am completely and utterly in love with heirloom carrots and smile every time I get to cook with them...especially the purple ones! Ahhh....carrots!

I picked up the yummiest Balsamic Vinegar at Le Pain Quotidien in Chicago (there are restaurants everywhere) and it is delicious - organic of course!


 Quinoa Pasta
Heirloom Carrots
1 clove fresh garlic - diced
Sea Salt
 (Himalayan  or Atlantic Sea Salt, never use "conventional table salt")
Balsamic Vinegar
Vegetable Broth

Start your pan of quinoa pasta by package directions using veggie broth, instead of water.

Saute your carrots, nigella, red palm oil and a twist of sea salt and pepper 
Cook until soft
Add a bit of balsamic vinegar (about 2 teaspoons)
Add in Peas and a bit more of sea salt and cook for 3 minutes (until cooked)
Add a bit of red palm oil, as needed
Taste and add more pepper, vinegar or sea salt as desired.
Add in Kale - saute until hot (only takes a minute)

My Notes:

I use Nutiva Red Palm Oil  (only) as it is organic, unrefined and does not cause any harm to animal (namely elephants) habitats.  

Use only quality sea salts, as they are not chemically processed and refined. 

I use only Non-GMO products and buy organic everytime I can.  If a label has the "Organic" Label then you automatically know it is Non-GMO.  Otherwise please look for the Verified Non-GMO label

Moms & Dads, What we feed our children matters.  Food Matters.  Find the joy in your cooking, it is a huge blessing to be able to cook for our families - not drudgery, as the media world would have us believe.

Eat like your health is directly depending on it.

Bon Appetite! 

This is not in any way a sponsored post.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  Shop away!


Unknown said…
Yum! This looks and sounds delicious! Now I just need to make it and taste it! ;)
Those heirloom carrots are so pretty and this dish sounds like the perfect combination of flavors! Pinning now :)