Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

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The holidays are an amazing and magical time!  They are also a crazy hectic time when moms tend to be busier than ever!  Making these super easy and delicious snacks with your kids, gives you time to relax together.   They are healthier than store bought and oh, the fun you will have!  Grab a few ingredients and have fun and join in with your kids.  Don't forget the holiday music.  We like them so much, we're making them for friends and neighbors. (if you are my neighbor....surprise!)

If you follow little island studios often, you already know I am very careful about the foods I give my family and I just like to make these instead of buying them in the market, where the ingredient list seems to be a mile long.


Spelt Mini Pretzels - Newman's Own Organics 
(only a few ingredients & NO canola oil, make these our favorite pretzels)

Enjoy Life Chocolate - you choose which variety, we use the tiny morsels
 (gluten, allergen and GMO free - we love it)

fleur de sol sea salt (if you don't have any - pink Himalayan sea salt is perfectly fine)

Candy Canes - we found fabulous organic at a great price 
(MOMs Organic Market and Whole Foods Market)

Place a couple candy canes in a parchment or plastic baggy and let your little one grab his handy dandy hammer from his Hape tool set (or whatever you happen to have) and give this job to him/her!  Kids love it and it's the most fun!

Warm the chocolate in a small saucepan or butter warmer

Place a small bowl of your sea salt and a bowl of the smashed candy canes on table

Put Pretzels in a bowl on table

Place the melted chocolate on the table and remind little ones the pan is still warm!

Let them dip each pretzel in the chocolate and then the candy canes or sea salt. 

Or just keep the chocolate plain.

Place on parchment and when pan is full place in fridge until chocolate hardens

Remove from fridge and place in bowls or little treat bags.

All of it is spectacular and super easy! 

Have fun and enjoy together! 

For a variety - dip kiwi, apple or orange slices.  Strawberries are great.

Pretzel sticks for New Years celebrations are spectacular just replace the candy canes with sprinkles!

Happy Holidays! 


Unknown said…
Smashing stuff with the kitchen mallet is the boy's favorite part of cooking. Your kitchen looks much cleaner after a cooking day than ours does.
OhMarieOH said…
Oh we love these! We also did this on our school's winter boutique and was a huge hit! We sold tons of it.