My Holiday Foodie Picks - Cookbook, Music & Movies!

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Just in case you've missed my Instagram post - these are my most favorite foodie gifts this year!  I just love and recommend each one for different reasons and needs.  Enjoy!

The Pollan Family Table  by the Pollan Family is simply Sunday dinner with the family, perfection - the whole book feels like home and I just love it! (please don't miss the Grande Marnier  Roasted Chicken!)

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz is a what I read when I can't travel to Paris!  I enjoy the stories just as much as the recipes.  And if you follow me on Instagram, THIS is where ever-so-loved Sardine Dip is from!  This alone is worth the price of the book.

The Blender Girl by Tess Masters has outstanding gluten free and vegan recipes.  Her knowledge of food information is stellar (you have no idea how much it takes to impress me) I have pages folded and notes written all over this one.  Happy blending!

Comfort Food is Jamie Oliver's new cookbook and it does not disappoint!  These recipes are for weekend, get-togethers and relaxing on a cold winters day.  And of course Jamie's stories make the entire thing a must-read - love!

TOMS Roasted Coffee is a new one for me.  I just bought a couple weeks ago at my husband's suggestion and I've been hooked every since!  My favorite so far is the Carpe Diem whole beans (geez, I'm a coffee snob) however, every thing I have bought has been superb!  Grab a bag for yourself for Christmas morning!

Chef Movie AND Soundtrack are not to be missed!  Jon Favreau's new movie is my favorite foodie movie...ever!  You simply must-see it.  And when you do see it, you'll know exactly why you simply must must must have the soundtrack too.   I bought on Amazon before it even came out on Blu-Ray and we shall not even discuss exactly how many times I have watched it.  I crave a Cubano Sandwich every single time. Ahhh....

And last but certainly not least - The Hundred-Foot Journey.  A movie for the senses - passion, family, letting go and coming home, make this quite possibly one of the best movies - EVER.  Please don't miss it!

So here they are. What do you think?  Do you have or have seen any of these suggestions?  They are my most favorites and I use them every single week, if not daily.  There are no affiliate links on this page, nor is this a sponsored post.  I highly recommend for gifts and have already bought each of these for my own gift giving!  After you buy your gifts, buy or rent yourself these because you deserve it too!

All of the books have great prices on Amazon! (no, I don't get paid for saying that)

Happy and Healthy Holidays, Lovelies!


Unknown said…
I love the Blender Girl book and I was on a focus group for the app! :)
Nicki said…
Hi Stacy, Oh, that's awesome! Yes, I'm extremely pleased with her book and eagerly awaiting the next! Happy & healthy holidays to you!
Unknown said…
So, girl's weekend in Paris?