Cooking Dinner Is A Glorious Gift!

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Cooking dinner is a gift - a beautiful gift not to be hurried and rushed through.  We have lost our health in this country - autoimmune diseases, Cancer, obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses are pandemic and food is the problem...and the answer.   Real food - not the junk in the "conventional" grocery store, but food, real food.  Food does not come from a package, it is not genetically altered (GMOs) with pesticides and built-in Roundup (damn dangerous).  Food is glorious and meant to heal - both mentally and physically.  Cooking dinner brings families together, it is soothing and a real gift we are losing with every generation.  

Take time to prepare your veggies and fresh spices.  Turn some music on, invite your kids to help or even just chat.  Talk about the beautiful benefits of what each food is for.  Smell the completely spectacular scents of your fresh garlic and olive oil as they are being sautéed, add your carrots and sneak a taste.  Close your eyes and taste every spice and ingredient in your dish.  Treat yourself to a glass of wine or craft beer as you cook.  It is the most enjoyable time of day for me.  Learn about food, it's advantages, the different ways you can cook it.  

Savor every single bite!

Food should never be boring!  Try a new food every week.  Jump out of your food comfort zone and reap the benefits!  

Be brave! 

You CAN cook!  

Carrots, fresh dill, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and olive oil - easy and completely amazing!

Dinner ingredients - a variety of mushrooms, olive oil, spices, tomatoes and onions!

If you are too busy or too tired at the end of the day to cook for your family, perhaps a change in priorities?  If we have time to watch the latest drama on TV, scroll through our Facebook page and a host of other non-priorities we have time to cook real food for our family.  I know you're busy, I am busy (I am actually the busiest person I know).  But there is nothing better and more important for your child's current and future health than getting involved with food, cooking and healthy living, in general.   Moms are so quick to do hours and hours of research on a car seat for their little ones, but nothing what-so-ever regarding what is in their children's food.  Moms assume that because it is in the grocery store that it is safe and healthy and that couldn't be further from the truth.  Big food companies care absolutely nothing for your child's health, only for their corporation's profits.  They are spending millions (and millions) to fight your right to know what is in our food.  As a parent it is your responsibility to educate yourself and know what you are feeding your kids.  No, it's not fair, it is wrong on so many different levels, but it is the truth and we must do it for our children.  Truth so our children may have healthy and happy futures.

Food Matters. 

REThink Food!

For inspiration and a bit of help for dinner - 

Some easy recipes for you and your kids - dinner, snacks and desserts

For more inspiration:   Please watch Robyn O'Brien's TED talk about our food system.  She is the author of The Unhealthy Truth and she is fighting for our kids.

This is not a sponsored post.  I am not doling out medical advice.  I am a mom who's world was rocked by unhealthy / GMO / fake food and you would be hard-pressed to find someone with more food knowledge than I.